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MMM: A few questions

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Part of the problem there was that the guy doing the Elric thread wasn't doing what I asked him to do, either because he couldn't or because it didn't suit him. This threw quite a lot of the 'weaving' off kilter. I wasn't pleased. Walter and Mark both were incredibly conscientious. The other guy wasn't.

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  • Mario
    started a topic MMM: A few questions

    MMM: A few questions

    So I was re-reading Michael Moorcock's Multiverse last night, and was reminded of a couple of apparent storytelling gaps, during the climax.

    As you are here, Mike, I thought that maybe you might be able to help me.

    First, the scene. The three storytelling strands are merging together.
    1. Seaton Begg, Count Zodiac, and Rose von Bek are on the way to meet Jerry Silverstein.
    2. Duke Elric, Oratio Qwll, and the Barbary Rose have passed through the Valley of the Phoorn.
    3. And the Rose, Sam, and Horatio Quelch have landed in Scotland.

    Then things get weird. Seaton, Jerry, and the Count merge, and are confronted by Frank Silverstein and Paul Minct. This is the last time we see them.

    At about the same time, the Rose and Horatio meet Jerry AGAIN, who introdices them to Prince Gaynor. Jerry unmasks, looking not unlike his hybrid form with Seaton, but when we next see the Rose and Gaynor, jerry is gone and Frank is in his place.

    Soon thereafter, Duke Elric and the Barbary Rose arrive, and for some reason Elric is wearing Count Zodiac's sunglasses. The two Roses merge, and everyone is in the same place.

    So I guess my questions are:

    Who was the clown the Rose thought was Jerry? Frank?

    What happened to the Seaton/Zodiac/Jerry fusion?

    Was the Gaynor Frank Silverstein introduced the same one "Jerry" did?

    Any help, pard?