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What is your favourite sequence in Moorcock´s books?

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    Too bad that those didn't see the light of day. Having that on audio would be a treat. So would a reading of Denny with Begg.


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      OMG I cannot say, it is always to easy to say it was the most recent book you have read,but MM books have been on my shelf for ages!

      Love almost everything Elric, but grew to love Corum too. What I recommend most and stays with me longest is Jerry Cornelius. He seems to be more befitting of these times than any other, strange, not of any particular sexual persuasion, resourceful!Slightly out of synch with his surroundings. S*** , he is great, will go re read him too!

      A particular sequence, I dont remember that clearly, it has been an age.

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        Two pop to mind immediately. One is the huge sea battle in the caverns under Ymmryr. The other is most recent, the resolution to White Wolf's Son. And I have a fondness for Black Blade of the Barbary Coast. what with the colorful hijinks! Talk about the Rainbow Coalition gone horribly, horribly wrong!

        And Walter's splash of the longhouse in lava pyramid - perfect! (Perfect 'cause it exactly matched the image I had conjured up in my mind.)

        Then begins a chain reaction of sequence upon sequence, somehow with Bastable's airship poking in and out of the lot.

        Lucky I haven't read the whole lot yet! Or this post would be soooooo long!
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          I like anything Rose has to say.


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            I can not pinpoint my favourite sequence since there are so many that I enjoy. :)


            ************************************************** ***

            I really like when Dorian Hawkmoon forst meets H. D'Averc and everything that takes place after they team up.

            I love all Jhary-a-Conel scenes. I liked when he had some type of silver sphere vessel in one of the Hawkmoon or Count Brass books, that was very cool.

            I love when Elric gets himself out of situations and one different occasions when he finally gets his much needed revenge. I love The Elric Saga, and because I love the character so much, it is actually painful to keep seeing Elric missing out on chances to avenge evil deeds. Talk about tension and anticipation!

            I love everything that took place in The Middle March.

            I love everything about The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Skrayling Tree and The White Wolf's Son.

            I love Mirenburg in The City in the Autumn Stars. well, I guess that is that City in the Autumn Stars! :D

            Count Brass rules!

            anytime anyone gets to go to Tanelorn is fantastic!

            Gaynor encountering Elric.

            (I've run out of appropriate adjectives, but everything is superb!)

            Oh, I forgot to Mention about Hawkmoon, I love it when someone says something like,"There nothing for it, we must fight!" inspirational!

            and when I was first introduced to Moorcock's books I always enjoyed the scenes were there are huge battles going on and everything is such grim and bloddy work, make me feel like I am there.

            I like when characters talk like, "Let's to the town." people should talk that way more often nowadays. :)

            Great dialogue in all books.

            There are hundreds of more things that I could list. :D

            The Weird of the White Wolf,The Sailor on the Seas of Fate and Stormbringer are among my favourite Elric stories. ;)

            I love when Elric walks into that meeting before the raid when he is dressed in barbarian garb.

            Quire in Gloriana had some very interesting scenes although I can't really love him due to his evil nature, then again I love Gaynor and Klosterheim as characters so I guess it's ok to love evil characters-not to mention Arioch!

            It's really like all one big story to me,haha, I love it all!

            God help me, I love it so! :)

            thanks all for listening!

            thanks again for providing us with this treasure of stories and fun, Mike. :D



            "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
            - Michael Moorcock


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              Originally posted by voilodian ghagnasdiak
              The destruction of Agak and Gagak at the sword tips of Erekose, Corum, Hawkmoon and Elric has planted an image in my mind.
              The four who are one...beautiful.The control that Arioch had over Elric was at times frustrating, but Corum crushing his heart with the hand of Kwll made up for it all.
              I'll give a "me too" on this one. Been too long since I read this, so I'd forgotten the names.


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                The final battle is great, but my favorites, and the ones I am really hoping for in the movies are the stories of The Jade Man, and Balo the Jester. The Jade Man is an important part of the story as a whole, so I would think it will be in the movie. I can only hope for Balo.
                Please Please Please


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                  Three words: Noose Of Flesh. So totally cool!

                  But even as I typed that, several more came to mind. It really is hard to pick just one.
                  "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
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                    More of a moment than a sequence...

                    **MILD SPOILER**
                    When Oakenhurst creates the Cosmic Balance at the end of Blood.
                    **END SPOILER**

                    More than anything, I think this moment is what made me fall in love with the SE Trilogy. It was the implication of it and the revelation it provided on bizzare dynamics of the Multiverse.

                    Also, the many revelations throughout Dreamthief's, Skrayling, and White Wolf's were most enjoyable.

                    As for my favorite sequence...There are so many great ones I can't decide!!
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