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E or JD - Which of the two

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  • E or JD - Which of the two

    As everybody knows, the Erekose stories have got more than one ending. I know two of 'em (alas, haven't read The Swords of Heaven, so I dunno whether there's a third one). Now, which of the two seems to you more real? (I don't mean 'realistic', i.e. life-like! The thing I mean is that: if we really believe in Moorcock's Multiverse, which of the two fabulae - I'm not sure I use the right word, but you get it - did take place in reality? Let's say it more simply: are those stories a saga of Erekose, or of a John Daker?)

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    But where can I vote for "Both" or "These two and more besides!"?



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      I get your hint. Yea, there should be a 'Both' option, though imho the topic doesn't directly concern it. Well - now it's corrected a bit, though it's not the way you said.

      PS AFAI get, there can't be an option 'Other opinions' in the poll.
      But - there just can be a posted reply - :P