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Ever been to Canada, Mr. Moorcock?

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  • Michael Moorcock
    I'm waiting for that global warming we've all been promised.
    Yes, I like Canada a lot and would definitely consider making my home there if it weren't for the weather. I've become used to warmer climates.
    Texas isn't the best climate for me (this part isn't dry -- it's more like traditional Louisiana weather, muggy and oppressive). Even our current cold snap (down to 20 at night once or twice) gets into me bones. So
    I want somewhere drier and warmer, yes... I like Maine, too, but wouldn't make a permanent home there for the same reasons. I prefer
    Canadian politics, even though I know they frustrate Canadians. It's
    interesting to hear public debates which still support policies for the general good, for instance. Canadian mass media is still much more like British and European -- still seems to be speaking for the majority rather than for a few rich men.

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  • legion505
    at this time, i think itd be bad ;)

    -50 weather or more with windchill :!

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    Guest started a topic Ever been to Canada, Mr. Moorcock?

    Ever been to Canada, Mr. Moorcock?

    You apparently prefer warmer, drier places, Mr. Moorcock, but have you ever been up north to visit? Good time or bad?

    The very best,