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  • Michael Moorcock
    Doesn't Elric fight Roland at some point somewhere ? I was certainly very familiar with Ariosto. The Elric stories began to appear soon after my series Aspects of Fantasy started appearing. As I've said before, there was a lot of conscious reference to epic myths and poems. As in other forms, I preferred going back to roots rather than producing xeroxes of genre.

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  • Nazlith
    I read the Furioso when I was in college (many years ago!) and really loved it. I don't remember thinking of similarities to Moorcock, though. I should try to find time to reread it one of these days.

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    started a topic ARIOSTO?


    I am an italian school we are use to study all the italian licteratur, so i want ask you: have you ever read Ludovivo Ariosto?
    I had and i think that there are a lots of similiary things with Moorcock writing...the multiuniverse can be compared to the hood wjere you get lost and than find your oun way... the EC can be compared to orlando and the other paladins, Astofo can be jaary, angelica can be the ECآ´s lave... than ke also meet the olifante, which elric use to causate the end of the world, and Durlindana, Orlandoآ´s sword...
    what do you think?

    SOrry again for my englisch... :oops: