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Mark Reeve

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    Mark Reeve

    Hi Michael,
    I am a friend of Mark Reeves. He wants me to sell his original artwork of book covers and Multiverse artwork. I have tried a couple of websites who want to put a 100% mark-up as their commission which seems ridiculous and unfair on Mark and collectors. Would you mind if I posted my contact details on your forum, then if anyone is interested they can contact me directly? Cut out the middle man, so to speak. If I can contact you privately please let me know and I shall pass Marks details on to you.
  • GuyLawley
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    • Aug 2004
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    Mark could try eBay. The costs usually add up to about 5% of the total, plus another 3-5% for PayPal payments.

    A better deal than what you are quoting, and better than any bricks and mortar auction house, I'd bet.