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Babylon 5

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  • ghost
    I noticed the Elric reference as well and always wonder if it was more than coincidence.

    Babylon 5 was a great series, especially of you watched all episodes fro the begining. Itw as great to see how events that seemed minor oin earlier episodes had big effects later.

    For anyone that has not seen the show, each season is being released on DVD. I belive season 4 was just released (or soon to be). Worth a look.

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  • Michael Moorcock
    I have noticed that, though I haven't seen much Babylon 5, not getting to see TV that often (usually in motel rooms when travelling). I don't mind, since the Elric reference is clearly straight homage, and I'd do the same myself in the circumstances. It stops a long way short of being plagiarism, which I tend to pursue with my big black sword! Also when you've been around as long as I have and done as much work, you have to get used to your ideas becoming standard generic tropes. It means I have to work harder all the time, of course, to come up with stuff which no longer uses tropes I regard as my own (law, chaos, balance, say -- the multiverse, as such, and so on) and this is probably good for me, too!
    Terry Pratchett made a good point when he said generic fiction is a big pot -- you take some out and, if you're any good, you put some in. I like to feel I've put my fair share in!

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  • Tony_Hough
    started a topic Babylon 5

    Babylon 5

    Well JMS is obviously a MM fan! There are many references to Mr Moorcock's stories in this series; The technomage called Elric and the whole Vorlon/shadow law and chaos dichotomy thingy for a start. Does MM mind this?
    Hope not! B5 is to my mind one of the best TV SF series ever. Before the Elric movie thing emerged I often thought it would be cool if JMS and MM had conspired on an Eternal Champion TV series, perhaps taking on board several different manifestations of the eternal Champion.