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Before Armageddon / England Invaded - Wikipedia entries

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  • Before Armageddon / England Invaded - Wikipedia entries

    Yesterdays's front page for Wikipedia had a link to their article on 'Invasion literature'. On a whim I followed it and discovered it basically encompassed much of the material that Mike included in his two anthologies on Victorian and Edwardian imaginative fiction, Before Armageddon and England Invaded.

    Not being one to miss an opportunity to plug my favourite author (;)), I've added both titles to the 'Notable invasion literature' section within the article and created the initial entires for both books:

    Basically both pages contain some publishing details and a list of the contents of each anthology. I'm just mentioning this here in case anyone else wants to add anything else to either article.

    EDIT: I've also added a few lines to the Alternative history (fiction) article that links from the 'Invasion literature' page to mention The Nomad of the Time-Streams novels.

    EDIT: Seems the 'editor' of the Wiki page didn't appreciate my trying to insert Mike's anthologies into his article and has removed them. Never mind, the articles themselves still exist - I shall just have to link them into the main MM Wiki article. :)
    _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
    _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
    _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
    _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."