Dear Mr. Moorcock,
we are the makers of the new German Phantastik-Magazine called â€‍Phase X“, published by the â€‍Atlantis-Verlag“ ( ).
For the Nr. 1, appearing in February 2006, we decided us for the theme â€‍Heroes“. Considering this theme, there will be in an article about Your â€‍Eternal Champion“. And if it is possible, we would be very glad, if You could answer us a few questions (Let’s call it a small â€‍interview“). It would be a very great honor for us, if one of the bestknown Fantasy-Authors will be in the Nr. 1 with an exclusive interview. For we have modern times, we will make this interview by email.
If you say â€‍yes“ – and we hope so – please contact [email protected]. I will answer You as soon as possible.

With best regards
Holger M. Pohl

P. S.: By the way, Elric of Melnibonأ© was my entry to Fantasy-worlds...a long time ago.