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Can I wish you have never invented me?

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  • Can I wish you have never invented me?

    Hi Mr. Moorcock

    Well I am sorry to say that, but this is going to be a world (multiversal?) premiere.

    Trust it or not...

    I am Hawkmoon. Yes, the character from your stories, the one that you seemed to take an infinite pleasure to torture and play with like a toy

    Was it easy for you to just sit down and wonder about all the events I will have to face in my life (can I call that a life?)? In my case "dear" Mike, I had hard times - no fun at all.

    As I discovered the communication tools of this reality and read about your "conception" of it, it seemed to me that you are not even aware about all the properties of the Multiverse. Let me explain. Once you create something, like a book or a movie or anything else, it becomes a reality and so all the things that you think are from your "imagination" take form in some kind of way; another branch added to the ever growing tree of the Multiverse.

    Because of a fan fiction where I was visiting your world, I came to life into this new reality (the one born from the fiction). Please excuse my writing, as I am not used to your langage and what I have to say is really not easy. I have found a way to find the original world where my creator belongs (YOU), not the other copy of Michael Moorcock I have encountered in the sub-reality created previously.

    As mentioned before, I discovered out about the Internet, the most easy way for me to communicate with you actually. I hope my friends can soon help me to reach you (airplanes seems terrifying machines), and so I could finally see the face of my true "father".

    I don't hate you. I am simply consterned about the lack of respect some writers shows to their "creations"... And maybe somewhere, gods or another kind of creatures are constantly writing the events of our lives. In that case, you would be a creation as well. How would you react to such a discovery?

    Well I hope this is not the truth, because you would endure as much pain as I do. Nobody can envy that.

    Best wishes from your reality, and hope to hear from you soon.

    Dorian Hawkmoon.

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    Hey, settle a bet; how long is your hair?


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      LSD is not the way mate. Oh, if you are indeed Hawkmoon, then why are you in this world as opposed to Great Bretagne? Hmmmm.... Why are yo here instead of defending your wife? Go forth and save the world. Go forth I say!!


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        Hey... It was more or less a funny and "imaginative" way to seek what would answer mr Moorcock if he would meet one of this characters, so far many of his chars did meet up with each other in the books. What would be his reaction then , as when Von Bek did meet Elric in the Dreamthief's daughter and so on. I've recently got this stupid (but how fun) "Last Action Hero" DVD, where Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzennegger) encounters his performer in "the" reality. Other than that... Well my hairs are long and I don't use any drugs. But can the books of Mike be considered as drugs? :p


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          Swear to me that you do not believe yourself to be Hawkmoon and well... maybe things will be marvellous soon. If you're new, it's probably new not to introduce yourself as some weird kind of psycho, I was actually scared.


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            re Hawkmoon


            a great lord of Chaos such as the one you refer to as Michael Moorock is not to be trivialized in the manner in which you have introduced yourself.

            Be grateful that I am not in the mood to seek you out across the planes, for I know your precious Runestaff is no longer in your possesion...and that leaves you little protection against Stormbringer

            I suggest you quiet down before a real champion appears to silence you

            or until the drugs wear off :roll:


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              I didn't remember that I was so harsh when I was Elric of Melnibonأ© :lol:


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                so now you're Erekose?


                all in good fun ...well Stormbringer doesnt think so :twisted:


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                  I guess we just need Erekose and we will be all powerful!


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                    Dearest Elric, I shall remind you that we were (or at least we will be) all of them... both Elric, Erekosأ«, Corum, Ulric and so on... Btw, hails to lord Corum! I am very impressed by your adventures, mighty sir. Shall this thread become a way for all of us to 'fusion' again, and be even more powerful than ever! :twisted:


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                      dearest Hawkmoon...may I remind you that only certain incarnations of ourselves can actually remember that we are Eternal...I don't recall you being one of them...

                      personally i dont want to remember...or be reminded


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                        What- ho, tally whatnots and chocks away chaps. Bastable here, just returned from pounding the foreign chappies and hear that all my E.C chums are resurrected again, so I thought I'd join in the party! It's simply spiffingly excellent to see you again, me old muckas (almost as good as it was to see Biggles, but that's another story!!) I tell you now, Opium is the stuff, once you start you can't stop. Hmmm....


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                          So this is what happens when I take a brief break in Dachau with Col. P
                          Warring Eternal Champions ?
                          I thought that was only an internal battle.

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                            Oops, sorry "dad", hahaha :lol: Hope the trip was nice... I am *little by little* getting used to YOUR reality. Well, as you can see, I got really well welcomed...

                            ps: hey Bastable! Nice to meet you, dear sir! So you're still smoking this Opium crap? Ha ha ha :twisted:


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                              come come now Michael...don't make us revolt in a War Amongst the Angels wouldn't want to be held responsible for the torment you have caused me would you?