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Question about reading order

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Happily, there's no preferred order. I tend to design series so that you can begin pretty much anywhere, though readers do have suggestions from time to time. The reason I originally did the omnibus editions was to answer that question as best I could, putting the books into a suggested order because so many readers seemed to want that. With 2nd Ether, of course, All Is Explained, as far as reading order is concerned, so in some ways it's almost the best series to start ANYTHING with (although I tend to recommend MM"s Multiverse for that, since it has an introduction explaining the nature of the multiverse!). Hope you enjoy whatever series you wind up reading first!

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  • Ant
    Either. The new either or the second either...


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    Guest started a topic Question about reading order

    Question about reading order

    Hi there

    Which trilogy would it be better to read first: The Second Ether, or the new Elric one?