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Before Armageddon and another round of appreciation

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  • Before Armageddon and another round of appreciation

    Color. Blessed color. Those damn monochrome hues had me on the edge of a terminal blink, tricky period being in a state of unconscious awareness. I’ll be the last to hold a grudge to a random spin of good fortune. A pinhole of color and the pocket chronometer shined once again, all random oscillation eliminated. This nomad is anchored again, until the next Heraclituian cycle.

    It is great pleasure for me to send a little electric greeting, to my childhood Aristotle.

    Been meaning to say, “Hello,� since a lanky youth. “Hello, from the middle years.�

    What a magnificent new years gift to have this opportunity to ask the great scribe a few questions, and spout a few concerns.

    One of the most enjoyable finds of my life has been, Before Armageddon, Volume I. Where, oh where, dear teacher may I find the second volume? I grow concerned that my time will past before I am allowed another peak into your Alexandrian Library.

    I seek a glimpse again, of an Elric painting that I saw auctioned several years ago. A master of the brush and the use of neutral grays gave life to Elric in such a way that I’ll never forget it. I believe it was done with watercolors, but this I am not certain of. The painting is highly realistic. It is an intimate painting of Elric performing ritual sorcery. The upper portion of Elric’s body is displayed. He wears a loose robe intricately covered with sigils. His inwardly directed gazed is directed right beneath a flowing headscarf. Stormbringer’s upward pommel seems more an instrument of beauty then a weapon of war. What ultimately awes me about this painting is the seamless phantasmagorial play of shadow and refection. Perhaps, you have seen it and know something of it and the painter?

    Apparently, Genesis P – O has someone acquired studio recordings with Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones working together prior to Jones death. You wouldn’t happen to have any leads through your friends on how one might find a bootleg of this?

    Have you had an opportunity to study morphic field resonance, holographic brain theory, non-localized information gathering, dmt research, …….?

    No offense is intended by the following suggestions, as Elric is your child, but youthful memories in defense of their sacredness can be so touchy.

    These are some thoughts for the future, and although they may seem in part picky I do not see how the image of Elric can be separated from what he is and his story.

    Stormbringer is a six foot plus battle sword. This simple fact is nearly always overlooked in illustrations of Elric, and I have never understood the reason why. To depict Elric with a rather short Excalibur steals the demonic aesthetic, the unholy energy.

    Images of Elric with short hair or worst yet bangs, castrates him in part from an alien sensuality and sensitivity, for social convention. Elric the White Mullet.

    The appearance of a poorly chosen lead character can severely harm a movies acceptance, such as the Batman revolving door, or the wholly unreal cgi Hulk. Brad Pitt might be able to pull of Elric, but he looks like Hawkmoon. Peter Murphy has always struck me as being perfect for Elric. If star power is the game then consider Johnny Depp, for he without a doubt has the method acting skills to be Elric. I’ll bet my ticket to the movie on it. Maybe, Johnny Winters might pop up as Sadric’s ghost, and Arthur Brown as a chaos lord.

    Please, consider P. Craig Russel, as conceptual artist for sets and what not. Russel has such marvelous vision when it comes to displaying reality as surreal liquidity, tinged with subtle evil. Take a peak at those PC comics again, such as the illustration of the birth of Elric and the death of his mother, and then tell me that Russel doesn’t have a Luciferian brillance that would make Tim Burton’s Jack shiver.

    One more suggestion, before my departure. Music. Pop music in a movie is the surest way of giving a movie an expiration date. I threaten myself with a future brain excise, when I consider what a catchy Star Wars like theme would do to me. Penderecki’s Requim choral pieces wither with timeless darkness. The dark droning folk of Sand possess a quality removed from our time. Underground composers that defy categorization such as Jim Thirlwell or Neuroris can sculpt sound and music anyway they please, from atonal nightmarish landscapes, to roiling rhythms fueled on twilight. Please, don’t have a big boomy, oh so, gooey Steve Jackson sound track. My poor little heart will die all a flutter.

    Your art and political/moral writings have had a profound effect on me. Thank you for the good and bad of it all.

    Blessings and good health. Hope all is well with your legs.

    Lemmingsunday [email protected]

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    Cheers. You could do worse than check out Jaydesign in the Vendor section of this site. John Davey often has copies of the hardest to find books and no doubt he could find you an England Invaded! I'm not sure both volumes were ever published in paperback, though.
    I'm not sure I know the Elric painting. Where did you see it ? Maybe someone else is familiar with it. Sounds a bit like Michael Whelan.
    Don't have too many contacts with bootleggers, but there's a chance one is reading this. Does anyone else have ideas ?
    Stormbringer was originally around six foot, true, but the version I have in my broom closet, where it moans softly and feeds off live rats and rare beef, is only about four and a half feet. A nicely balanced piece of steel, however, done by Raven Armoury. I suspect it's the version, or something close, we'll be using in the picture.
    Me, I'm still absorbing the latest ideas about string theory. Everything else I leave to my assistant, Dr Taffy Sinclair, the pathologist and psychic geographer.
    Brad Pitt is a little old for the part now, though I must admit he's matured nicely as an actor. There's a conversation about movies and suitable actors in another part of the site, where I discuss the likes of Johnny Depp, so won't repeat myself here.
    I agree, though, that we ought to be careful about music. I still like, however, the music done for the TV Robin Hood series which captured such a great sense of myth and the green wood.
    We're hoping to avoid anything which booms, including voices.
    Thanks for writing!

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      Elric painting

      No, I don't think it was Michael Whelan. Hmm...if my bubbles are popping correctly, it was someone from Iowa. I wrote Whelan about the painting a few years ago, and he gave me the old cold shoulder. The painting has a subtleness that I've never seen in Whelan's work.

      England Invaded, so it did reach the press. That is good news. Now, if I can figure out how to find the Vendor location.

      Take care.


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        Before Armageddon and another round of appreciation

        Currently reading the Black Corridor, haven't read anything like this for a while, very good stuff but a bit grim.

        Probably going a bit off topic now.
        I know I have heard some Hendrix with Brian Jones on it, but don't remember it being anything special, and might of only been one song. If was a bootleg I don't think it would be worth chasing. There is loads of hendrix stuff on the web the, apparently Southern South Delta has Brian Jones on Percussion, so I guess this is what I heard. A lot of the old classic Hendrixs bootlegs have been released offically by dagger records. There is loads of great stuff now offically released. I would be interested if you do find anything and its worth while.

        [email protected]


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          I think the Vendor location is the last on the list of Forum topics.
          Without doubt, Jayde's the best source (and often the cheapest) for hard to find material.