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    Michael, I was wondering if you have done or have any plans of making audio books of any of you works. I am a huge fan of oral storytelling, and would love to listen to your books. A good storyteller along with a good story can weave a mesmerizing tale. I managed to catch Neil Gaiman on his Comic Legal Defence Fund tour 'Night at the Alladin' which got me hooked instantly. Also if you want to hear a master at work listen to Robert Fagles Odyssey narrated by Ian McKellen, its breathtaking. Anyhow, if you already have or have plans on it please let me know.

    Ninja Dave

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    Sorry to interject, but this post (concerning Elric audiobooks) might be of interest to you:

    [broken link]

    I haven't heard them myself, so this isn't an endorsement.

    Mike is apparently having trouble with his internet access, but I hope you get a more authoritative answer soon.
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      And, for a taster of Mike reading his work, you can check the downloads, (if you haven't spotted them already): [broken link] I think there's a big spoiler in one of these, so be cautious! :D
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