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Need Help Remembering A Book

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  • Stealth639
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • May 2005
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    Need Help Remembering A Book

    I need help remembering the title of one of Mr. Moorcock's books.

    Probably more than 20 years ago, I read one of his books, which was a collection of short stories. All I can remember is the vague outline of two of them.

    If I recall correctly, in one of them, a scientist, or group of scientists were holed up inside a building which was defended by towers that produced hypnoic beams (hypnomats?). It may have been the main character was searching for some sort of cure for something.

    The other story I think featured a character that rode a giant seal type creature and was perhaps set in the far future.

    Sorry, my memory is really hazy on the details, but I'd love to find this book and read it again.

  • Marca
    Eternal Champion
    • Aug 2004
    • 2014

    That must be The Time Dweller? The stories you mentioned being the title story and The Deep Fix.
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    • Mikey_C
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      • May 2004
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      Those stories are now availbale in 'Earl Aubec' - of which a bargain copy is available here: :D
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