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A quick question...

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    A quick question...

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, so a brief intro, I'm a philosophy/anthropology double major at the University of South Carolina, and a long time Moorcock fan. Now, I'm thinking about getting a multiverse-related tattoo, particularly the symbols of Law and Chaos. I was looking at the cover of the Skrayling Tree, and the 3 symbols of them are Chaos(left) Law(top) and Balance(right), am I correct about that? Or, if anyone out there with artistic talent would like to draw up their renditions of these symbols, I would be very appreciative. I looked through the gallery but could not find anything. Thanks much in advance!

    EternalTanelorn is my AIM name if anyone has any comments, and I'll check back here later.
  • Ant
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    Thus spake our guest!

    The bottom left symbol is certainly Chaos, the other two aren't (canonical) Law and Balance (I don't recall what they are within the book... the shame! :oops:). Law is a single upward pointing arrow ... as in this pircture of Donblas (from the galleries here):

    [image moved]
    Balance is... a balance... just like the zodiacal sign for Libra!

    There are a host of images of the Chaos symbol on the web... including some tattoos, such as on this page. Try googling "chaos symbol" and "chaos star" (Images). There are probably about a dozen basic variants... but many, many interpretations.

    (Hewlett-Packard are - unknowingly? - using the Chaos symbol in their advertising, at least at Heathrow Airport. I'll try to get a photo next time I'm there.)

    But not so many of the other two... less interesting! (Of course, a balance is also a symbol of law... strictly, of justice.)



    • Ant
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      ... and, of course, there are some examples in the galleries here.
      • Tattoos
        Chaos medallion

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      • PsychicWarVeteran
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        Get yer red-hot Chaos symbols here!

        Let's not forget: these galleries!

        [broken link]

        Oh, and the animated ones, as well!
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          oooh, tough choice, i know. the thought had crossed my mind for a scale with the the law and chaos symbols in either tray. then i thought of a simple scale for balance.
          picked the yin yang symbol for harmony, instead. :roll: ;)

          Best wishes with your choice of's very personal and will be with you for a lifetime. SO MANY wonderful designs to choose from! The artists here are so very talented.

          let us see when it's done?


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            Do any of you know what those other 2 symbols are? Cause I really like them, and I may wanna just get them on my upper back, one on each shoulder and one between. What does everyone think?


            • DeeCrowSeer
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              I haven't read the book in question ( :oops: ), but I looked at an image of the cover in our gallery... I know that Mike has often said that he preferred the Chaos symbol to have "wobbly" arrows snaking out of the hub, rather than straight ones... so I would guess that the bottom right symbol is just a variation on the "star of Chaos" with wobbly arrows. Does the other symbol have some sort of stylised bird on its hub... or a dragon?

              It's quite a small image in the gallery, and I'm just guessing... hopefully someone smarter will come along in a minute and let me hide my face in shame.

              That wasn't any help at all, was it?
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              • Mario
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                My favorite interpretation is Walter Simonson's. It can be seen in MMM #12 (the cover version is incomplete)