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Other incarnations of the Champion...

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  • GreatOldOne
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    • Jun 2004
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    Other incarnations of the Champion...

    Mike, if I can bother you with another odd question or two…

    In “Phoenix in Obsidian� you mention a couple of incarnations of the Eternal Champion: “I was Roland dying at Roncesvalles with the magic blade Durandana slaying half a hundred Saracens... I was Artos the Celt, riding with my burning blade uplifted against the invaders of my kingdom’s shores...�
    Did you ever write about these two anywhere else, maybe in your comic writing days? Or did you just chuck �em out for that scene alone?

    And at the end of “Champion of Garathorm� Hawkmoon refers to Jhary-a-Conel as “Jherek�! A typo, or does Hawkmoon know something we don’t!?
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  • Ant
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    • Dec 2003
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    These were two from a much longer list... and there's a similar list in Dragon in the Sword.

    See my post [broken link] and Mike's reply immediately following. So I think Mike's short answer would be "no", but Steeplechaser will surely correct me if I err.

    Jhary-a-Conel... Jherek Carnelian... Jerry Cornell... Jeremiah Cornelius... Corum Jhaelen Irsei... No connections, surely?

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      Well, Steeplechaser, really. I'm just getting bored.
      Roland and 'Artos' (Arthur) were references of course were from our common mythologies.
      I did, however, write a Look and Learn story (can't remember if it was in pictures or not) called Roland and Oliver, the Warrior Friends, or some such. I did quite a lot of stories of that kind for Look and Learn and other Fleetway publications in the late 50s and 60s.


      • Marca
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        • Aug 2004
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        Just finishing off Doomed Lord's Passing from Stormbringer, and Roland puts in an appearance there, when Elric goes to find the Horn Of Fate to aid him in his fight against Chaos.
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        Archie Mercer to Mike (Burroughsania letters page, 1957)


        • GuyLawley
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          • Aug 2004
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          *SPOILER ALERT*

          This post contains a minor spoiler (last paragraph) if you haven’t read The White Wolf’s Son yet. Unless you were clever enough to have figured that bit out before reading WWS. Unlike me.

          Originally posted by Aral Vilsn
          Just finishing off Doomed Lord's Passing from Stormbringer, and Roland puts in an appearance there, when Elric goes to find the Horn Of Fate to aid him in his fight against Chaos.
          I liked the scene in Doomed Lord’s Passing where the witch-guardian of Roland’s tomb debates with Elric and finally gives him the key to the tomb, because she figures this way Roland will wake up to fight, then kill Elric, then be her lover!

          Doesn't quite go to plan for the lady.

          This also seems to be a key sequence as far as the Moorcock’s Multiverse comic/graphic novel goes. In the Duke Elric story, it is subtly dropped into the script at one point (blink and you’ll miss it) that Elric came to this timestream in search of the Horn Of Roland, but having won it, “lacked the courage to return to my own world� or words to that effect.

          This means that there at least two timestreams in which Elric comes to inhabit something like “our world� at least in the early Middle Ages (or is it the Late Dark Ages?) The other being Elric’s Dream Of A Thousand Years.

          And, as I’ve noted elsewhere, the two timestreams seem to intersect later in the Multiverse comic narrative, when Elric meets (and merges with) the entity which has resulted from the merger of Jerry Silverstein, Sir Seaton Begg and Count Zodiac. Count Zodiac, as we now know, is Elric in the later years of the Thousand Year Dream. It wasn’t so clear at the time the Multiverse book was published.