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Some general observations

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  • Some general observations

    After following this thread for a year or so, and havig been a fan of Mr. Moorcocks since the seventies, I feel that it is finally time that I post my first message on this board.

    First, I find it somewhat ironic that the fans of this series write in to discuss their vision of how they feel Elric should look, or what architectual styles should be simulated. I understand that everyone has his or her own image of Arioch, but the man who created the lands, characters, and story line, is the executive producer and will, I am certain, retain the authenticity of his creations throughout the process.

    Second, I hope everyone who reads this website understands that significant script revisions will probably take place. (I know not many people here are fans of the LOTR, but in context, huge amounts of the original story were either eradicated or changed in order to make a better movie.) This will invariably happen with this story, if for no other reason than to dumb it down to its targeted audience. Remember, this is about making a movie-not filming a book. The essence of the characters and the story are what is important, and ultimately iswhat the movie should be written about. Thematic issues of despair, betrayal, love, alienation, and acceptance-these are what movie goers will identify with, not with the four who are one, or twin buildings that are sentient beings. Do not over estimate the intelligence of those for whom these movies are intended. They are not intended for the fans, but for the mass movie going market. (I mean that with no disrespect to Mr. Moorcock.) Universal is not going to invest $80 million just so his million or so fans can see a movie. Do the math 3 million fans x $8.50 a ticket=big net loss.

    Third (and last for now), I cut my teeth reading sword and sorcery / fantasy novels. I eagerly awaited a Conan movie only to be completly dissapointed. I have seen numerous HP lovecraft stories decimated on film. I have witnessed countless bad actors with mediocre scripts ruin a genre which has been cast into the realm of "B" movies or direct to video. Then, a little known director from New Zealand decided to make, (or remake) one of the most difficult trilogies of fantasy ever written- and went on to win 18 oscars while doing so. I never thought that I would see an Elric movie of any quality ever made. After seeing what Peter Jackson was capable of doing with the LOTR, I have no doubt that he Elric Saga can be every bit as good,(or at least darker)-if not better. However, there may be a limited window of time before this genre becomes oversaturated. There is already a good looking Beowulf film set to hit the theatres this year and with "A Princess of Mars" currently in pre productin, which is another classic piece of S&S that I never thought would be filmed, the competion between epic fantasy movies may begin to cannibalize its new audience.

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    It has to be a tricky place to be in--to be a potent author with a book that could be a movie. But it has to be the right movie, at the right time. "Man with a sword" movies are hard to make mainstream and profitable. When I try to imagine what the has to be like for Mike I get a headache. ;)

    Conan movie: Well... Conan readers might be disapointed by the movies. We know that he was so much more than was depicted on screen. But the Barbarian movie is still so much fun to watch, right?

    LOTR had the good fortune to be found by Peter Jackson and he made a film that has the ability to cross over into moviegoers who aren't rabid Tolkien fans. *whew*

    What about the book by Clive Cussler (Raise the Titanic) made into a movie? The book was SOOOO much better than the movie, but it's still fun to watch. (and let's not even talk about Sahara. geesh.)

    Anyway... back to Elric: I'm excited and can't wait to see whatever incarnation arrives on the big screen. (my eternal thanks and appreciation to Mike for risking the movie!) Sure it will be different than what our inner eyes depict. We already know what Elric and Arioch look like (because Mike gave them to us) and it's fun to debate who could possibly fill their boots n breeks. Frankly, I'm not sure what audiences want. Wait. Yes I do. They want it all. Eye-popping scenery. Beautiful faces. Excruciating action scenes. And something deeper to talk about after the date.

    oh god i can't wait!!


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      This really belongs in the Elric Movie (Part III) thread... out Guest also posted their message there: [broken link]

      Just trying to bring some order to chaos...

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        Rather than try to respond in the correct original thread where the post is probably already burried, I'll do so here. If Berry decides to close and link this thread, I'll have said my piece. I don't bother to read the movie threads, they're just too damned long for me.

        Certainly Michael is executive producer and the original author and everyone on this board would defer to him in a second. He, however, likes to know what his core fans think, which is why he spends so much time on this board. To not talk about his characters, his books, and his projects including the movie, and not express opinions thereof, would make this wonderful place boring and useless.

        I agree the Conan movie sucked miserably and turned a highly intelligent character into a vehicle for a body-builder who couldn't act (though he can apparently recite lines, which must be something he learned after that movie as he wasn't given any then.)

        I think you'd be surprised how many LOTR fans there actually are on this board. I loved the movies and respect the books, though I personally have always like Moorcock's type of fantasy better. Jackson did a magnificent job with the material and overall was very true to the author. I have some quibbles over the way Gimli was portrayed so comically and that Elrond seemed like a goth queen rather than the lord of the elves, but he still did a great job. Obviously Tom Bombadil had to be cut as that just wouldn't have worked in a modern movie. I can't think of anything in the Elric books that would suffer the knife that way though, and you can bet Michael will fight tooth and nail for his ideas to make it onto the film.

        Even Michael has said that the LOTR movies make the possibility of a good Elric series of films much more the case (and he's never like Tolkein's books.) I don't know about Jackson being a "little known" director beforehand though. He was certainly a "cult" director, but as the guy who made Evil Dead, Meet the Feebles, and Heavenly Creatures, he certainly had his following. He was already my wife's favorite director, and I had a huge respect for him and knew his work, and I'm not a major film buff. He didn't come out of nowhere, though this was obviously his biggest project by a landslide.
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