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Mammoth book of sorcerers tales

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  • Mammoth book of sorcerers tales

    Hello again everyone, i have been gone for quite some time due to my computer crashing. I am finally back in action.

    While i was gone i have been reading the mommoth book of sorcerers tales and i have to say that it is a very good book and you should give it a try. I also wanted to ask about a certain author.

    Does anyone know a good book/ short story i could buy from the author Robert Weinberg? I dont know much about a lot of authors, the only thing i have read since i was 11 is Mr. M's novelty.(i cant stop reading cuz its so good :D) but i have dabbled a bit into the mommoth book of sorcerers tales and i just wanted to know if you could give me a good book from Robert Weinberg or any other input would be much appriciated.

    thanks a lot guys/gals

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    Another thing about the mammoth book is Mr.M's section called Master of chaos, that story alone is worth the buy of the book. its very good.