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The Dancers At The End Of Time

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  • The Dancers At The End Of Time

    Having re-read this trilogy for the first time since my youth I can now see the extent of the effect of Mike's imagination on my life. Yes, fantasy at its best yet it really helped shape my view of the possible. It also gave me a belief in myself as a human being. We each possess a never ending field of potential. Tapping into this can show us we are already at the end of time, in our imaginations at least.

    Mike, to thank you falls far short of the gratitude I feel for you putting out into the world such a magnificent story. I thank you anyway.

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    Re: The Dancers At The End Of Time

    Originally posted by The New One
    We each possess a never ending field of potential.
    Oh dear, ain't that just true. The only problem, in the real world, is that most people are more busy limiting other people's potentials than realizing their own.
    "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.


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      Originally posted by TheAdlerian
      I liked that point Jagged! Will we have to wait until the end of time for things to change?
      Well... the End of Time is just a few billion years ahead! It's sooner than you think. And... to lose myself into utopias... I have this dream that people will one day celebrate each others' realities rather than imposing them on others. I guess we'll have to wait three more years, though...
      "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.


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        Originally posted by TheAdlerian
        Ha ha...I think that three billion is more like it.
        Oh dear! The current rule will last for 3 bills? I hope you'll all forgive me if I go down to Cafأ© Norden in the meantime and have a cappucino.
        "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.


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          Hey Jagged and Adlerian, thanks for your responses to my post. Having just read Deepak Chopra's book "Synchrodestiny" I have to say I now believe there is no "real" world beyond what you create with your mind. What seems to be going on "out there" is a reflection of what is going on "in here" The more of us that realise this the less likely we are to destroy ourselves. The dis-harmony and dis-ease we perceive with our five senses exists because of the way we process it.

          As I have said on another thread: As with the I-Ching, yin/yang, chaos is but another form of order and order another form of chaos. Therefore the true state of existence is chaorder: various stages of balance in process.

          The reason I say the end of time is now is because if you can imagine it, it is. Belief is the key.

          If you found yourself alongside The Iron Orchid with a power ring on, turned it and became the character you are now in your life exactly the way it is right now, would you turn the ring again to lift yourself out of your current problems and back to the end of time or would you push on and enjoy the challenge you created for yourself?

          As Mike has said elsewhere on this forum this idea is not new in science fiction/fantasy, The Matrix being a recent example of this possibility. We can learn much about ourselves in the fantasy/dream realms which can be applied in our so called "real" world.


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            Hmmm. I thought Dancers was about power without responsibility. :)


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              Yes, power without responsibility it seems. Yet power itself is like any illusion, it only exists when you believe it. And responsibility is just that: the ability to respond. If you believe you have the power and act on it, then you can respond any way you see fit.


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                At this rate you'll be able to get a gig in Las Vegas and have the audience throwing their knickers at you!


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                  Adlerian, the true and sort of not true statement describes one of the things that makes life/existence so facsinating. Just when you think you have all the answers in place, a new experience pops up and poses a new question. This question puts everything in doubt until you find a way of connecting it to your current world view. This is akin to the metaphor of climbing a mountain. As you rise the view changes due to your improved vantage point, yet the scenery is the same scenery only you have a better sight of how it all fits together.

                  By the way, it is not just your ego that encourages you to "shag the crap" out of those women, it is your genes desire to find a way to move on. (Or maybe you are just a pervert!)..J?K :lol:


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                    Perhaps the challenge is to reach those individuals on a level where they can be tempted to expand their concept of self to include a deeper self love. Hypnosis seems to acheive this in tandem with cognitive therapy.

                    Having seen the current movie "Kinsey" starring Liam Neeson as the sex doctor, I can quite understand your motivation with regard to the particular type of women you mention.


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                      Liam Neeson portrayed Kinsey very well. Although to be honest I never really had any knowledge of him prior to watching the film. Neeson is a fine actor so you do believe in the character. Kinsey's work certainly opened a lot of eyes to our real nature. Being in the occupation you are I'd strongly recommend you seeing it.


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                        The world doesn't seem to have learned much from the warnings of the novel; we seem to be fast approaching our own end of time. If there is a champion out there it's a pity there isn't really a multiverse to turn to for new resources or a time machine to flee to the Cambrian (or possibly Devonian).


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                          Hi Old Vig, and thanks for joining the discussion. Each of those vehicles you mention are available to us in our minds eye. The champion exists in our heart. Believe in it. The apparent rush to destroy ourselves is only another phase of evolution. Draw faith from our deeper self and realise it is all necessary to take us on to the next level.

                          If you allow yourself to be deceived by what appears to be around you at present you will be blinded from the infinite potential you possess to transform the world from destruction to creation.

                          The more we fight against the things we don't like the more we empower them to work against us. If we actively promote the things we want to see in the world, the more chance there is that they will materialise.

                          How would you like to see the world improved?


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                            And if that doesn't work - BOMB THE B*ST**DS!!!!
                            Sorry! Sorry! De-evolved for a second, there :lol:


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                              Perdix, you've been watching "Dr. Strangelove" again.