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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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Official 20th Anniversy (April 15, 2016) Discussion

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  • News: Official 20th Anniversy (April 15, 2016) Discussion

    Moorcock's Miscellany is turning twenty years old April 15, 2016. All thanks to our generous benefactors, volunteers, participants, readers, lurkers, critics, donors, admins, moderators and Michael Moorcock. This site began as a Prodigy account that I gained access to working for a software retailer in a mall here in Washington, USA. That mall is gone, and the company went out of business. From The Miscellany's most popular idiosyncratic appearance to the current spam and 503 error free oasis of information we've created a social and functional steamroller, one that disseminates sweet sweet juicy data. Hackings, upgrades nor very ugly moments couldn't take The Miscellany down. You own your content, Mike owns his and I own mine. There is no money proposition for this website as everything at the site is available by the kindness of those who contribute. It seems at times we are gathered around a warm chiminea late at night, and music is pouring out of a nearby party.

    So, how shall we celebrate?
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    Infinite complexity according to simple rules.

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    Originally posted by Reinart der Fuchs View Post
    So, how shall we celebrate?
    Party like there's no end of time!

    Back in the 90'es when I was Lord Tony on the E.F.Benson discussion list, some very creative ladies did a lot of fun with Fred Benson's birthdays.

    (see )

    We tended to go into silliness a lot, but maybe something could be do on the same lines with a bit more of a Miky flavour.

    Let's all soak our brains. Or fry or braise or whatever it is one does with a brain to make it work. It's been so long I've forgotten.
    "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.


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      Does Skype or some other internet vid service allow for a multiscreen connection? Might be the right occasion for each of us to see the rest of us. Would allow for toasts, etc.

      Now that I think about it, I'd be willing to pay a proportionate share of the price it would take for a bunch of us to get on a massive, one-time video- or telephone conference call purchased through an internet teleconferencing service (a decent pro service, perhaps, depending upon the cost). We could dedicate a thread to it, post a link to the net address within a reasonable time before the call, and distribute the password by PMs.


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        World Domination!

        To paraphrase: 'Let's all join forces, rule with an iron hand.
        And prove to all the World, MOORCOCK RULES THE LAND!!'
        Madness is always the best armor against Reality


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          Did you celebrate and I missed it?

          But ... 20 years!!!! it's amazing!!!
          Do it today!!! It may be illegal tomorrow!!!


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            No you didn't miss it Katherine, it's not until April 15th of next year.
            "He found a coin in his pocket, flipped it. She called: 'Incubus!'
            'Succubus,' he said. 'Lucky old me.'" - Michael Moorcock The Final Programme


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              Hi All,

              I must say that I tend to be a lurker rather a genuine participant but that does not mean that I do not read what others have to say from time to time.
              I read my First book by Mr Moorcock in the mid seventies, it was one of the Hawkmoon books though I cannot recall now which one. It was very different, me being rather young at the time, to anything I had read before and I quickly became a fan. By the Mid eighties I had a copy of everything that he had written as well as a large collection of novels by people he recommended, some from the days at New Worlds and others by people he mentioned here and there. I'm afraid that collection does not remain intact having lost the odd copy here or there whilst moving house etc but I still have a large collection of his work. In fact over the many years since the day that I bought that Hawkmoon book I became a writer myself, obviously Influenced by Mr M's work as well as others so have to doubly thank him, not only for the great books and stories but for the inspiration to write myself. Of course I not as well known as Mr M nor nearly so prolific being soon to publish my sixteenth book but have done well from it.

              In fact not that long ago I published a short story (in a collection) about the bookshop where I bought many of Mr M's Novels and Included a thank you note at the end not only to the bookshop but Mr M, himself as well as a few others for all the joy that their books brought me, back in my formative years. I will not supply the name of it as I am not here to sell my books but rather praise a great author and excellent website dedicated to his work. It is good that you are going to celebrate your Twentieth anniversary and I will celebrate it with you. Hope you and Mr M keep going for many more.


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                Wow! I reread my post and good lord I messed up terribly. I've updated, but it's probably still garbage. Hope you all got the idea!
                Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


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                  I think it should involve pizza and Deep Fixx and the JC movie and Hawkwind and fitness through better chemistry.
                  Kevin McCabe
                  The future is there, looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become. William Gibson


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                      Wow I had no idea this forum had been around for so long, pity I only discovered it comparatively recently.


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                        Thought 1

                        This suggestion is dependent on Mike wishing to participate and technology being up to the task?

                        We could have a videoconference for those that wish to attend (log in details provided by invitation only) during which one or two of the team who are close to Mike do an interview-cum-Q&A session with him using questions submitted by members.

                        People on the line can mute and un-mute their microphones to ask questions prompted by one of the interviewers and Mike can give his answer and maybe discuss the subject for a short while with the questioner and interviewers.

                        During the session those of us who wish to partake in a drinkie or two and maybe a cake in celebration can do so, depending on time of day, preference, thirst, etc.

                        I use things like this in work all the time for meetings and training sessions. I ran a communications event yesterday with 75 people on the line. Sometimes they can be hideous disasters but most of the time they run very smoothly. They are heavily dependent on technology and the behaviour of participants but they can be extremely effective and great fun.

                        Thought 2

                        We could publish an online book of our favourite posts or quotes from the site. Each member gets to pick a top 3 and they get whittled down by the mods so that there are no duplicates. We could then publish it on or around the 20th anniversary.

                        I'd better stop being creative and go back to work.


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                          Should there be any kind of contest or competition I would like to provide a few copies of the "Blood and Souls" Digipack CD as prizes.

                          Yes, I am basically never here. But Michael Moorcock has given me so much that I would like to give back.

                          Just contact me when you know more details.


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                            Thanks in order

                            Thanks to Reinart der Fuchs for posting this. I never thought I'd be on a forum for one of my teenage-favourite authors; then again I never thought I'd creep out of the shadows.
                            It takes a certain kind of courage to stay in the limelight and, love him or loathe him, Mike has that courage in abundance. If you're reading this Mike, well done for not only staying the course, but for persuading at least one, long-ago genre-addict, that things could be done better. Thanks.


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                              Originally posted by Terence Park View Post
                              then again I never thought I'd creep out of the shadows.
                              I think we're many here who share your admiration for Mike, not just as an author, but also for Standing Up for Things. Most of us, of course, don't get the opportunity to speak our minds to as wide a public, but I think it's better to butt in when you have something your mind than just think that somebody else will say it.

                              So I hope you'll stay and delight us and park your torrent of kindness here. (I'm tempted to say: JOIN US).

                              Maybe you could even have some ideas for the celebration. In any case, good luck if you need it for anything.
                              "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.