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  • "jack yeovil"

    Hullo, Michael, long time no speak, and I trust all's well in health and work. I'm enjoying the Spectator diaries. It may be a publication with an outlook a touch archaic at times! - but it's also a forum for good writing and independent thought. There are positive aspects to old-fashioned libertarianism...
    I wondered if you'd heard of, and if so what you know, about a writer called "Jack Yeovil". It sounds like a pen-name to me. I've just bought from my local Fara charity shop his "Demon Download" cycle of three novels - Demon Download, Krokodil Tears, Comeback Tour. Books which did that thing they do sometimes, call to one off the shelf. Illustrations by John Blanche, Martin McKenna, Paul Bonner, Kevin Walker.
    Published by GW books in 1990 - a division of Games Workshop Ltd.
    What I've read so far is very good.

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    They are very good. Jack Yeovil is actually Kim Newman, a British horror author. Anno Dracula, an alternate history novel featuring a victorian Britain under a vampire aristocracy is highly recommended :)


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      jack yeovil

      I belive that he also writes the guenivire novels which are currently published by the black library


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        Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
        I think David Garnett did a Jack Yeovil or two, didn't he ? Is it just confined to Kim ?
        I agree, Kim's a very good writer.
        Cool. I wondered what you thought of Kim Newman. I read Anno Dracula years ago and enjoyed it very much. I didn't read any more of his stuff until summer 2003. Don't know why I didn't make it sooner. I really like The Quorum & Life's Lottery (though the latter can be incredibly harrowing!). I read Seven Stars just before Christmas and was delighted to see Jerry C. getting a name check in one of the Richard Jepperson stories. I'm currently reading Dracula Cha Cha Cha, which seems to me to be the funniest of his vampire books. "Hamish Bond" is an excellent parody of Fleming and the Bond movies.

        Have you ever considered writing an adult "choose your own adventure" style novel with one of your characters?


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          I am currently reading Kim's Moriaty stories and abosolutely LOVING it! So good!