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    Hiya,people,I'm new here,and very happy I've found this site.I am writing from Serbia (you know it as land of wars.maybe :)),and ADORE your work mr Moorcock,for you are the best fantasy writer in the world,in my opinion!!!
    I lived in a small village when I was a boy,and we have had no libraries there at all.It was the great luck I somehow found your Elric of Melnibone(my aunt was the winner of competition in mathematics,and she was given the book),as a child,10 years old.I have read almost everything you have written,and now I read the books in english,in original.

    I am grateful to you for your influence on my imagination,and I hope you will write for a long,long time :)
    Mr Moorcock,I must say to you that people in serbia know very little about you and your work,and that is a shame,because we are very fond of epic fantasy,but there are just the books of tolkien,jordan,martin,zelazny,and those writers are (in my opinion) below you in every way.

    Thanks you again,and I am very sorry for my english,because I have just begun to learn...


    Yours sincerelly


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    Well, I have a couple of Serbian friends from Belgrade and indeed one of them was instrumental in getting a fairly recent edition of Behold the Man published. Those editions (Yugoslavian, in those days) actually did very well when they came out and there were plans to do more. I'm not sure what happened after that. Strange, too, because most of my fantasy books are translated elsewhere. One thing that happened in Europe rather later than in America, say, was that a particular kind of fantasy,
    not greatly engaged with moral issues and so on, began to show up as the dominant form and publishers might have seen Elric as 'too dark' or whatever. It's a shame and I'd love to see the books back in print there
    some day.
    Meanwhile, welcome!

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      No,actually,Elric was published as a book for children,and everyone who have read the book found it extraordinary.But,adults,of course,were refusing to read that "childish stuff" and it was a mistake!!!Noone needs fairy tales and happyendings here,but a true,explosive and tragical literature you write!I am convinced that you would have the greatest success here,in Serbia,if you did something about translating ino Serbian language.Think about that:in Serbia kids read Dostoyevsky and Nietzche,and common workers in factories argue about world politics.They would adore your work.
      Don't leave us without translation of Corum,Hawkmoon,Von Bek,Aubec,mr Moorcock,because it is impossible how they match with our,Serbian story...

      Yours sincerelly