Dear friends,

Some of you may remember that last year MWM was experimenting with the possibility of advertising at the site. After some analysis, feedback from readers, discussion with a couple of vendors and a general agreement between Mike and myself, we decided that the amount of money we would make in advertising would be trivial and somewhat difficult to manage. One aspect of advertising was to raise the awareness of available product (hard-to-get or otherwise) through trusted sources. John Davey of JaydeDesign, a trusted friend of Mike's, the quintessential bibliographer and rare bookseller of Mr. Moorock's books, was invited to post a complimentary advertisement, which you can see at the bottom and left hand side of every page of the website.

A number of you have contacted Mr. Davey regarding catalogs and publications. We haven't heard a single complaint about the advertisement or about any of your dealings with him. I wanted to let you all know that JaydeDesign are donating a percentage of the sales generated by your purchases to Womankind Worldwide. We can't thank John for his service to the marketplace nor those who made purchases enough for helping JaydeDesign accumulate this charitable donation.