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New Worlds Pre-History

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  • News: New Worlds Pre-History

    As we all know, the prozine NEW WORLDS launched in 1946. There had been an abortive attempt at a launch in 1940, but this came to nothing. I was going through some folders from the Vince Clarke fanzine collection today and came across something I hadn't seen before, namely a press release Ted Carnell put out in the wake of that 1940 attempt. It's the fullest account I've read of what happened and I've now added it to my website:

    Click on "The Magazine That Nearly Was' under Nova Publications.

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    OK, a really minor update for those of you into the minutae....

    I've added the cover of the 1952 Fantasy Book Centre catalogue to the site. Owned by Frank Cooper, it was also the editorial address for Nova Publications. This was the first one published after the move up the road. Note NEW WORLDS ad on rear cover: