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Michael Moorcock authorized film biography: Faith, Hope and Anxiety

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  • News: Michael Moorcock authorized film biography: Faith, Hope and Anxiety

    It's 12/13/14 people, and what better day than to share this! Linda Moorcock and Russell Wall have sent along this very tantalizing Press Release, and a peak at the poster after the following quote:

    Originally posted by Russell Wall

    To celebrate MICHAEL MOORCOCK’S forthcoming 75th birthday, DIGITAL STORY ENGINE are delighted to announce their next project: MICHAEL MOORCOCK: FAITH, HOPE AND ANXIETY, a feature length documentary film that explores the six decade career and influence of the legendary author and musician. Release Date: Spring 2016.

    Michael Moorcock’s prolific output includes over 70 novels, 160 short stories and novellas, and 4 graphic novels; alongside 6 volumes of non-fiction which has appeared in the Spectator, the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Los Angeles Times. Although confessing that he has ‘never been much at ease’ with Science Fiction, Moorcock is best known as the leader of the British New Wave in SF and for his genre blending Fantasy work. He has received many awards, including the Nebula, Guardian Fiction Prize, the Utopiales, and he was short-listed for The Whitbread Prize. In 2008 Michael Moorcock was listed in the The Times newspaper’s 50 Greatest British Writers since 1945.

    FAITH, HOPE AND ANXIETY will be ‘journeying through the time stream’ and visiting significant places in the formation of Michael Moorcock’s personal philosophy and artistic practice. Moorcock’s writings are ‘visionary’ in nature blending a kaleidoscope of techniques to best serve his restless imagination. His creative work is driven by the need to ‘be useful’ expressing both his concerns for social justice and the desire to experiment and improve contemporary fiction drawing on his deep knowledge of history, multiple pulp genres and mainstream fiction.
    The documentary examines Michael Moorcock’s unique working method and his life long love affair with history and myth-making about London the city of his birth. It features the creation of the cult characters and pioneering concepts; investigating Michael Moorcock’s profound influence on contemporary fantasy and mainstream fiction, movies, comics, music, and massively multiplayer online gaming. FAITH, HOPE AND ANXIETY will be lavishly illustrated with rare and never before seen material featuring Moorcock’s personal movie footage and archive media from other private collections. DIGITAL STORY ENGINE would like to thank artist John Coulthart [‘The Haunter of the Dark' and 'Lord Horror: Reverbstorm’] for his evocative film poster design for FAITH, HOPE AND ANXIETY.

    Significant contributors will include Brian Aldiss, Mike Butterworth, Michael Chabon, John Clute, Harlan Ellison, Jean Luc Fromental, Neil Gaiman, ‘Lemmy’, China Mieville, Alan Moore, John Picacio, Walt Simonson, Iain Sinclair, Norman Spinrad, Martin Stone, Bryan Talbot, Lisa Tuttle, Nik Turner, P. Craig Russell, Alan Warner and Pam Zoline. The documentary will feature contextual analysis from leading academics and a series of exclusive, in-depth interviews with Michael Moorcock.

    DIGITAL STORY ENGINE produced the documentary GRAPHIC NOVEL MAN: THE COMICS OF BRYAN TALBOT [2014]. Premiered at the British Library, the biography of the groundbreaking, Costa and Eisner award winning writer/artist has received popular and critical acclaim at fantasy and literary festivals around the world.

    For further information about MICHAEL MOORCOCK: FAITH, HOPE AND ANXIETY please contact [email protected].
    The poster art designed by John Coulthart:

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    Sounds interesting. Great poster
    'You know, I can't keep up with you. If I hadn't met you in person, I quite honestly would NOT believe you really existed. I just COULDN'T. You do so MUCH... if half of what goes into your zines is to be believed, you've read more at the age of 17 than I have at the age of 32 - LOTS more'

    Archie Mercer to Mike (Burroughsania letters page, 1957)


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      I can't wait for this to come out! I will certainly be getting some :)

      Ken Boorman
      Purveyor of the Runestaff and Stormbringer Legends


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        I'd rather see an Elric movie, but I reckon this will be do. Peter Jackson or Christopher Nolan ...... just a phone call away...


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          Looking forward to seeing this, sounds fascinating

          And congratulations on 75 years of sharing a birthday with my mum and the emperor of Japan

          and only getting one present a year


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            I look forward with much interest...

            I am sure I will learn many things.


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              Looking forward to watching this.
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                Am very much looking forward to seeing this.
                Thanks for posting the information.




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                  This is very exciting news! The poster is utterly perfect of course, a brilliant evocation of those beautiful old Mayflower paperbacks that were such a fixture of my youth. Can't wait!


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                      Very exciting news!


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                        Exciting news! Congratulations on 75 Mike!
                        `Old heroes never die; they reappear in sequels.` - M. Moorcock.


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                          Very cool!

                          I'm looking forward to it!


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                            Excellence! Moorcock is needed to save the world!!


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                              Congratulations Mike, really looking forward to this...Rock on!

                              By the way, are copies of that amazing poster going to be for sale?
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