Mr Moorcock,

I am approaching you on behalf of a few like-minded friends who are looking at starting a small free electronic fanzine supporting Chaosium's Stormbringer RPG.

I know that in the past you have been very gracious about allowing others to use your IP for non profit reasons, and as such we are asking for your blessing in this venture. We have already spoken to Chaosium and they have granted their permission, but we thought it very important that we only proceed if you were aware of what we are trying to achieve as well.

As some background to our goals, we are looking at publishing, in PDF format, a regular magazine that we will distribute as free download via the web. There will be absolutely no financial component to the venture (i.e. we have been offered free web space) and will be the results of the blood, sweat and tears of a small group of Moorcockian fans. As for myself, I have some experience in the world of publishing with one of the magazines I edit being in the past nominated twice for Origin Awards (Roleplaying’s equivalent of the Oscars) and in addition being nominated for my national science fiction award.

I realise that in the recent past some issues have been raised on this forum about Chaosium and the Stormbringer/Elric licence, but I hope that does not unduly effect what we are trying to achieve here, a free web zine supporting gamers interested in roleplaying in the multiverse of the Eternal Champion.

I hope that you will indeed grant us your blessing and, of course, we are willing to comply with any requests you may require from us (e.g. disclaimers, etc.).

Thank you for you time and look forward to your reply,

Marcus D. Bone ([email protected])
Editor - DEMONGROUND ( & The Unbound Book (