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Song: The King without a Land. (from the Corum Saga)

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  • Song: The King without a Land. (from the Corum Saga)


    I just wanted to let those of you who care know that I finally completed my song "The King without a Land". As always you can listen to it for free on my blog:

    This song is inspired by The King Without A Land from Michael’s Corum saga. The character does not play a big role in the books but the name immediately inspired me to write down a couple of words. The lyrics I came up with acually happen to kind of reflect other parts of the story.

    Two to go and the album is done...


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    first time on the site for a while and I get this early christmas presant thank you and please keep us informed on how the album is coming and how me in england can get hold of it.
    come to the dark side we have cookies


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      Great song! Nice structure and sound!
      Please Check out my Musical Dedication to work of Michael Moorcock

      We are looking to collaborate with anybody else interested in making Moorcock themed music - contact me here or on soundcloud.


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        Thanks a lot for your feedback!


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          Just wanted to let you know that the CD is done. It contains 10 songs, 5 of which are directly inspired by the Eternal Champion, while the other songs could not exist without them. One is also inspired by GRRM's "Song of Ice and Fire".

          The CD will feature an artwork by Andrea Christen, whom some of you might know from her rare but impressive posts here. We will reveal the artwork during the next couple of weeks on our blogs. The artwork of course, too, is Eternal Champion-inspired.

          The CD will be available in April (I'll be on the road for the next six weeks). If you want to learn more about the CD you can visit my website. I will let you know in a separate post when it is finally available and you'll have the chance to win a copy or two.


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            thanks for the heads up please keep us all informed
            come to the dark side we have cookies