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Blood and Souls. A song about Elric and Stormbringer

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  • Blood and Souls. A song about Elric and Stormbringer


    it has been in my pipeline for longer than I intended but that's how life goes. Here it is: Blood and Souls. This song is about Elric and Stormbringer. It is about power and capability and superiority and relationships. Thus it is closely related to my previous songs Forever Terrorized and The Eye and the Hand. It is also kind of a sibling to Alone. Thanks again to Michael for his wonderful works particulary on the Eternal Champion. Thank you so much!

    Here is a direct link to my blog where you can listen to the song for free: Blood and Souls.

    I hope the vocals are loud enough this time. I've been practicing "real" singing for more than half a year now and had lots of ideas for a huge chorus in the refrain. But in order to make that sound good I will have to work a lot more and it would not really have fit to the other songs. So I'll keep that for the next album, I guess.

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    Cool !

    I do not understand everything, but I like !


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      that was as normal brilliant. know its a personal choice but so far my favourite how is the album idea going and thank you for your efforts and thank you for sharing
      come to the dark side we have cookies


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        Thanks for your feedback. The album will probably done by February next year. It will not only feature Moorcock-themed songs, but mostly. There's going to be some "Song of Ice and Fire"-stuff on it as well.


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          great song
          Please Check out my Musical Dedication to work of Michael Moorcock

          We are looking to collaborate with anybody else interested in making Moorcock themed music - contact me here or on soundcloud.