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Which is legit?

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  • Which is legit?

    Guys, this question may have been answered elsewhere but here goes.
    Which collection of Mr Moorcock's works are considered definitive... The White Wolf ones or the the Orion ones. (I think that's the name of the company. There is the image of an ant on the binding). I ask because they detail the narrative of the Eternal Champion in differing orders.
    Am I just being to damn anal here???
    Please advise

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    The simple answer is both. The White Wolf editions came later, and don't include The New Nature of the Catastrophe. (There are some smaller discrepencies, as well.) The reading order, which is the primary difference between the two versions, is simply suggested. However, since there really is no beginning (or end) to the tale of the eternal champion, I suggest just reading them as you can. And then read the second ether series, which will answer some of the questions the EC cycle raises. And then there's the new series...

    I don't think I helped. MM has discussed it on the site, but I don't have time to track down his definitive answer. However, I remember he said something to the effect of what I just did (minus the plugs for the other books :) ).


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      In general, I'd reccomend reading his newest editions when possible (at least first) as he has a propensity unshared by many other authors to go back and rewrite and add to his books and stories. As long as he's living, it seems nothing is ever finished.
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        I just posed a question on another topic (White Wolf editions -[broken link]) which sort of mirrors this one.
        To reiterate - What are the differences between the UK and US versions of the EC series?
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          Not counting novels and stories that are just in different collections (ie the three von Bek books together in the UK, not the US), the main differences are:

          US gets "The Sundered Worlds", "The Wrecks of Time", "The Winds of Limbo", "The Shores of Death" and the three "Mars" novels, all missing from the UK editions.

          The UK get "The New Nature of the Catastrophe" (by MM and others).

          I believe a few of the books have had some additional revision in the time between the Orion books and the White Wolf editions, mostly, I think, to "The Eternal Champion" (the novel, not the collection)

          The US "Earl Aubec and Other Stories" includes "Sir Milk-and-Blood" which I don't think was published at the time of the UK editions.

          The UK "Legends From the End of Time" hardback has the wonderful "misprint" that misses off all but the last chapter of "Constant Fire". The US hardcover is intact.

          Oh, and to get really picky, another misprint missed the last couple of lines off "Elric at the End of Time" in the UK hardcover.

          It also depends on exactly what you consider constitutes the UK releases. In additions to the 14 "Tale of the Eternal Champion" books in the UK series (15 in the US editions), there are three "companion" books also published by Orion (although not in the Millennium imprint) containing the rest of the Cornelius novels and stories and the two Karl Glogauer novels.

          The Glogauer book ("Behold the Man and other stories") includes the complete "Constant Fire", but the rest of the material was missing from the US editions as MM apparently wanted to distance the Cornelius stuff from the rest of the EC canon.

          Hope that helps
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            I think when the film's out they should publish the ultimate collector's edition, and have every published work in one rather large hardback!!!

            It would have to be about five feet tall and about two feet thick, with pages of preserved leather stripped from the hides of the Off-Moo, printed in the blood of incarnations of the Eternal Champion himself, and bound with glue rendered from Nihrain Steed hooves. The cover should be crafted from the same black metal as Stormbringer and it's brethren, and carved with the same arcane Runes as those blades too, glowing red of course. Along the spine is writted- The Book of Moorcock.

            Now obviously this would be the coolest thing in the world, bar nothing, and would obviously be a limited edition. How much would it cost- well, depends on if you catch your finger in the hinge, or on one of those sharp corners, drawing blood. The price would be your very SOUL!

            MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

            MUAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!


            Ahem... Got a little carried away there. Would be cool though.


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              But they could design it so that the pages crumble to dust when you open it.
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                The price would be your very SOUL!
                Oh, nothing I'm using then...

                ...seems fair enough :lol:



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                  Just figured it'd be an interesting looking leather cover... Nothing personal. :lol: