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Stormbringer at GenCon 2012 |

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  • News: Stormbringer at GenCon 2012 |

    It seems someone will be running a Stormbringer RPG event at this year's GenCon (August 16-19):

    Originally posted by Red-Rook
    My Stormbringer event is entitled, The Thrice-Born Champion. I'm really looking forward to running it, it is from the 1st Edition box set by Chaosium. I always loved the art on the box cover for that edition.

    In eternal Tanelorn the weary may find peace, even Elric of Melnibone. Yet when Tanelorn becomes the toy of a forgotten god, Elric must again take up the black blade. But he shall not stand alone.

    You may have guessed it from the teaser, but in this one, we see Elric teaming up with two other incarnations of the Champion Eternal, Dorian Hawkmoon and Corum Jhaelen Irsei. In addition will be those faithful companions; Moonglum, Jhary-A-Conel and Count Brass!

    For more information I guess you should post in the thread as I'm not sure if this is a public or private event.
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    I still have my boxed first ed Chaosium Stormbringer!. This event looks like it would kick ass!! too bad I'm not going to Gen Con