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Dramatic Writing vs. Prose Writing

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  • Question: Dramatic Writing vs. Prose Writing

    Hi! My name is Erik Vague; I'm new to this forum but Mr. Moorcock has been a favorite author of mine since I discovered the Elric and Jerry Cornelius books during my first year of high school.

    This question is addressed to Mr. Moorcock, but if any other members have something to say on the matter, I encourage them to please speak up as well!

    I'm currently a Dramatic Writing major in my first year of college, learning how to write for the stage and screen. In spite of that, prose writing has always been my first love. I was wondering if Mr. Moorcock (or anybody else) might be able to specify how exactly short stories and novels should be approached differently than plays and screenplays, esp. in regards to technique, structure etc. Maybe there aren't any differences at all...but I just feel like since I started immersing myself in dramatic writing, I've sort of "lost my feel," so to speak, for how to craft a good prose story.

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    What i personally find with writing is that you aim for a sort off short span with a short story.. one with a definitive beginning and end being better for small novellas or even books.
    If you are going to flesh out your main protagonists then generally you have a sort of idea what to go for as well.. or at least it could lead somewhere..
    The imagined length to the tale would see to it having a varied sort of experiences. More than in a short story.