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Cornelius Quartet omnibus edition

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  • Cornelius Quartet omnibus edition

    Hello Mike,

    I joined up to ask if you have any information regarding the re-pressing of 'The Cornelius Quartet' in omnibus format, which I am told by everyone everywhere is currently out of print. I see many copies available for sale on-line as 2nd hand items, but the asking prices prohibit consideration. Would be greatfull for any response from you or your collegues.

    Let me also take this time to tell you how your work opened up a world to me, cheers pall.



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    I've seen the Four Square edition fairly regularly new at Borders. Also, if you're on FB, their page has a 40% off one book through Monday coupon.
    Kevin McCabe
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      When I'm searching for an item like this, I do two things - sic a used book store on it, and check libraries. Not exactly libraries - associations like Friends of the Library and similar names. Often they have book sales, and with those lovely electronic scanners there is often a database (meaning they can quickly look up whether or not they had/have something). Same with a good used book store - a precious resource. my local, Barbed Wire Books, has a huge database logged in to linraries and other book stores. It's not a network, but they share customer requests).

      Mostly saying this when I found out the Science Fiction Book Club editions of E.E. Smith's Chronicles of the Lensmen is now going for $250 the volume, and there are two volumes. Sure wish I knew how valuable SFBC editions, of all things, would become rare and wanted. Same with Mike's SFBC editions. What I think is that with some help from fellow/frere bibliophiles, I can get them for a buck apiece or something.

      Searching for, and finding, such an item is a thrill.

      Also, have you tried Mike's page on It's linked to many small stores that may have editions.

      Grand luck, O Seeker!
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        J.C all over again!

        Yet another Must Buy!
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          There are current plans to put this back into print in the UK both as a print and e-book. Can't give details yet but I will as soon as possible.

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            Cheers pal, will keep an eye out.


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              It's possible that John Davey might still have some copies of that edition of The Cornelius Quartet available if you want to drop him an email.
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                Thanks David, I shall make inquiries in that direction, (but I am having some trouble connecting through the provided link.) Let me thank everyone here for their considerate responses and all help offered, received with gratitude.