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  • Bob Calvert

    Mr. Moorcock,
    It is wonderful that I have found the organ through which I can apologise for a gaffe that is nigh on 20 years old... I had recently arrived in the UK from Australia, was a huge Calvert fan, alongside being an avid MM reader. I found out about a book signing (War Hounds and the World's Pain) - Forbidden Planet I think, and was very keen to make your acquaintance. I innocently asked whether you 'ever saw Bob Calvert these days', thinking that was a pretty cool question, and the terse response was snapped 'Only in the divorce courts!' I was totally crushed! Nevertheless, you were amiable, and inserted the wonderful line 'A grouse is not a Moorcock' along with your signature - an ode to my antipodean background.

    I subsequently became acquainted with Bob C, corresponding with him on many occasions, and seeing numerous gigs in the 80's, though I was not aware he was squatting on your turf! I am very touched that you still hold him in such high esteem - I know it was mutual. I am also pleasantly surprised that you are one of the few not to denounce Nik Turner - on the many times that I met him in the '80s, he was gracious and helpful. I have always enjoyed his stage presence and his approach to his (and others') music.

    It must have been fun working on those Calvert projects - I have always enjoyed the results that were achieved. Thanks too, for such wonderful and prolific literary output, especially Gloriana. How you get time to monitor this forum is beyond me!

    Sycophantic ramblings over,

    Roy Dunn, aged 43, which is the same age as Bob C. when he died. Very humbling.

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    I had no real beef with Bob. He took up with my ex-wife Jill and I told them they could take over my flat if they paid the mortgage. They didn't pay the mortgage but managed to stay in the flat for several years. It was a terrible waste both for them and myself, so I was a bit grumpy about that -- as much for their sake as mine. But of course I continue to admire Bob and think I say so in the current Hawkwind documentary where I talk about all the 'Hawks' with affection. I very much regret the split between Dave and Nick and regret getting quite so involved, since I might have done more good staying out of the 'fight'.

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