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  • Michael Moorcock
    LSD Dossier wasn't my title, of course, and Roger Harris was a real person non-too-pleased with my revisions which mainly consisted of throwing away everything but his revised first chapter and a middle chapter and doing the rest myself. But I don't count it amongst my own titles because it is technically a rewrite. I suppose Caribben Crisis is a bit like that. Technically it was rewritten but in this case most of it is
    by me and Cawthorn.

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  • Marca
    started a topic Rarest Moorcock

    Rarest Moorcock

    What is the rarest Moorcock book that was commercially available? I'm not talking about associational or signed copies but books that were freely available to the public. Through the marvel of ebay I've managed this year to obtain three of the rarest:

    Stormbringer (Herbert Jenkins edition)
    Caribbean Crisis (Sexton Blake Library)
    LSD Dossier (Compact)

    I always thought LSD Dossier was a figment of some bibliographer's imagination till I finally found a copy. It cost a bit and is a bit rough but it's just nice to have. I'd be interested to know too just how much rewriting was done to the original version by Roger Harris (was that the original author's real name?)

    ebay is an excellent place to track down rare editions. I also found a copy of the Burroughsania fanzine on there. I've even seen books that Michael once owned listed...