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Favourite rendition of Tanelorn?

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  • Bob
    Defender of the Runestaff
    • Dec 2003
    • 327

    Favourite rendition of Tanelorn?

    Ah, the fabled Tanelorn! My personal fav was the somewhat deserted rendition that Jhary took Corum to. The idea of massive, spiralling blue towers really struck a chord with me. So much so, in fact, that I think I reread it's description quite a number of times!
    Call me cockey, but if there\'s an alien I can\'t kill, I haven\'t met him and killed him yet!
  • Wizard
    Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    • Jun 2004
    • 52

    I would like to live in Tanelorn the rest of my days. But now the usual life with its difficulties and pleasures is more interesting to me. :roll: