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Sword & Sorcery In The Comics

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  • Sword & Sorcery In The Comics

    Just downloaded a pdf of the third instalment of Sword & Sorcery In The Comics/ Alter Ego Issue 92 over at Twomorrows publishing.

    Mike gets a mention and a picture in relation to the concept of the Eternal Champion.

    All three S&S issues are available for download for a small fee.
    I used to reach for the stars but now I'm reformed.

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    I read that issue on paper a while back.

    The Eternal Champion section is mostly about how writer David Michelinie ripped off (er, I mean paid homage to) the EC / Multiverse concepts in some of his comics decades ago (Claw the Unconquered etc.)

    Alter Ego is Roy Thomas's magazine; I'm very much hoping for major column inches on Thomas's own collaboration with Mike and Jim Cawthorn on Conan 14 and 15, and the Elric comics which Thomas later scripted with Craig Russell and others. (Following on to the EC series from Pacific and First.)

    Possibly in part 4 if it ever happens.


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      I'd like to see that covered too, Guy.
      My first real exposure to the world of Elric was through it's adaptation in the pages of Epic magazine.

      The Conan issues are a curious corner of the multiverse.
      I used to reach for the stars but now I'm reformed.