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I'd love to see a film version of Dancers At The End Of Time

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  • I'd love to see a film version of Dancers At The End Of Time

    This is my all time fave MM book....I think it could be done


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    I'd buy the first ticket if it ever came to it.
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      I'd love to see a film of Dancers. Definitely one of my favourites, and there is certainly enough going on there visually to justify a transition to the screen.

      Would it have to be animated? I mean practically every shot is an FX shot, with landscapes changing in the blink of an eye, and a garden party surrounded by burning cities! If you could pull that off convincingly with CGI it might just be the trippiest looking movie of the 21st Century.

      Otherwise I suppose we're back to Depp, bless his cotton socks, as Jherek... But, more importantly, who would Mr M play?

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        I think the characters making love with eachother could confuse and perhaps frighten some viewers. You know how sensitive people can be! :D

        Depp as Jherek does sound particularly great. But then again, I think Depp in almost any role is wonderful.
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