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Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics

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  • Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics

    I have long been a dedicated reader of intelligently realised and paradigm-challenging fantasy. I love initially catalysed in me at an early age when my father took me to see 2001 for the first time.

    So many metaphors in that baby....

    Anyway, having devoured a number of laymans texts on quantum mechanics and the cosmologies of the ancient world (Mesopatamia/Babylonia etc.), I have to say that intentionally or not, Michael has managed to fuse certain core elements of the two into a multiverse that reflects the quintessential importance of choice in both saga and quantum variance into a sprawling storyline that is both diverse and interconnected.

    So - without going on too far and sounding like a self-righteous English Literature Teacher heady on his 'unique' insights into Shakespeare's motives when he made Hamlet speak about Yorrick....

    What elements were intentional, and which a coincidence? It would be nice to know.

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      Howdy, my calibrated Caliburn,

      I'm sorry that I didn't get all of your banter... maybe you could explain at more length? (I usually think that people could make themselves understood in more brief terms... well, at least I wish I could myself... but in this instance I could actually use just a few more words)

      I'm a bit obsessed with Quantum Mechanics myself, particularly as concerns the Copenhagen School and Niels Bohr (ahem)... The thought that the undicided spin of a particle might make all the difference in the world, was launched as far back as 1972 by Steven Hawking, I believe. And a few years earlier by Moorcock and Phliip Dick... not to metion Schrأ¶dinger who had troubles with his kitten back in the 1920'es, I believe)
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        "To be or not to be...that is the collapse of the wave function!" :lol:


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          you guys should check out this awesome movie about quantum physics, its been winning lots of awards at film festivals. i personally think its really excelent (ive seen it 4 times)

          its called "What the #*%! do we Know?"

          and the website for it is

          check it out


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            My friend Alan Wall, who has written some great novels, many touching on those moments where science and the arts meet, has just done a superb essay on metaphor and physics. He's one of the few people so well educated and creative that he can do it. Anyone else read School of Night or The Lightning Cage ? His most recent is China and upcoming is White Ivory. Check him out at Fantastic Metropolis website.

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              Thanks Michael (I haven't read any of Alans' work - yet!)

              Jagged - I am refering to the fact that in QM, what a particle (or collection of particles) does is a matter for the interelated forces of the universe, and at least manages to conform to our imperfect understanding of the uncertainty principle. But when you introduce horribly complicated collections of particles called humans, we make choices, and our choices are not always dictated by what should happen! In a very real way, we change the universe about us whenever we make choices, and QM states that some of these choices have far reaching consequences that defy prediction. If you then relate this to the fact that QM 'proves' that there are other universes where our other choices were made by other versions of us, the ramifications become legion.

              In the mythology I was talking about (such as the epic of Gilgamesh), it is the choices of those who bring about the most change within their own worlds who are important. Heroes it seems never acept the status quo and resist the inertia of the QM line of least resistance. That's what defines them. The fact that the greater forces of the universe that oppose these changes are personified as Gods and Monsters is a function of the rationalisation ancient cultures used (i.e. where does lightning come from? - the wheels of Thors Chariot, etc).

              So, these two elements are melded together in the stories of Elric et al because they exist ( and make significant changes) in a multiverse where different versions of themselves exist in different worlds, and where, like all good sagas, the forces they strive against are personified (Arioch etc.).

              I hope that clarifies what I was trying to say.


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                Nor should we neglect in our accounting of quantum mechanics and art that definitive moment when Jerry and Mrs. Brunner utilize super computer technology to combine their molecules and form that thing wiseguys call "Corn."

                I'd explain in more detail but I have to rush home to get into my garter belt and crash helmet. My garage mechanic just called and the SR-71 is warmed up and ready to go. Looks like an afternoon of loop-de-loops at Mach III!

                Now read on:



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                  You might be interested in the discussion of MM and Chaos science in my book (please click my www button). I have more material on this topic coming out soon.

                  I encourage you to write up your ideas on MM and quantum mechanics and present them at a literature conference, then publish them.