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Electroarc's Erekose.

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    Electroarc writer

    Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
    Sorry I didn't respnd sooner Nodens.

    You have nothing to apologize for Berry.I'm sure that you are a busy man, as is Michael Moorcock.

    Alas the comic was never completed and was never commercially released.
    A pity that it wasn't published.The story sounded interesting.Thank you very much for the information.


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  • Whiskers
    Sorry I didn't respnd sooner Nodens.

    Electroarc was a single guy. I forget his name. Anyway, he was riffing on the Erekose story. It was supposed to be an origin story, but the guy was trying to get some other projects going. One came up and that was the end of the comic. He was writing and doing all the illustration and digital artwork. Michael saw all the work before we put it into the site. It was considered a reader based non-commercial project, so Michael didn't object. Alas the comic was never completed and was never commercially released.

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    Guest started a topic Electroarc's Erekose.

    Electroarc's Erekose.

    Dear Mr Moorcock did you write the write the story for Electroarc's Erekose comic, which failed to be published?

    Yours hopefully