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How can i be better? Writing Questions

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  • How can i be better? Writing Questions

    [/b] Mr.Moorcock or anyone who can help me... i have been writing bits and pieces of a litature work i would like to call "The Schysm of Cycra" its a dark fantasy and a pretty original sword and sorcery concept but anyways i gotta get to the point. I have tried many methods for writing chapters from skipping around to writing pg by pg. i get really down on myself and i think that my writing sucks because i feel its missing somthing. I have people look at my stuff and they say its really good (appearently they havent read M.M) but i am over critical on myself. To the point again.......what should I do to get better? i have thought about going to a fantasy writing camp for a week but its 2000 bucks. Whats the best thing that i should do and were you (M.M or anyone that reads this) ever in my situation where you think your writing is missing somthing? maybe i will post some of my stuff so you can tell me what i am missing. Thanks alot!

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    Mine may not be the best answer, because I feel the same about my writting as you do about yours. But I can say this, as it's helped me's a little piece of Mr. Moorcock's advice in fact; read everything but fantasy. For a little while at least read absolutely no fantasy. Find styles you like that are not in the genre and start to incorperate that into your own. After a while you'll begin to see that your style has taken on a whole new flavour and life of it's own. Just keep writting and see where that takes you.
    "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
    --Thomas a Kempis


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      Additionally here's a link to the Nightshade Books forum where Mike gives advice on the art of writing:

      Here is described the famous Lester Dent plot formula, and some advice on structuring.

      I highly recommend tracking down a copy of Death is no Obstacle. It is a lovely volume which takes the form of an interview between Michael and Colin Greenland. There are many gems of advice within its pages. I think it may be out of print now alas but you may be able to pick up a copy from Jayde Design, Book People, Amazon or e-bay.

      Another excellent book by Mike is Wizadry and Wild Romance. It's just been reprinted in a revised edition by Monkeybrain. Check out this thread for details:

      [broken link]

      Mike would normally answer you personally Lurue but I believe he's away until the end of July.
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        I appriciate all of your help. thanks for the links!!


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          I think Mike said once that he storyboards his storys this means he writes them in comicbook form with word balloons first, this is how scriptwriters write scipts for movies. Have you ever tried writing a story in your head and developing it mentally before writing it as apposed to sitting down and trying to write it?


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            EverKing, if I may everso humbly suggest...

            ... that if you have aspirations to be a published writer, that you learn how to spell 'writing'. It is not 'writting'. I really don't mean to be rude here by the way.



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              "English Lessons"

              Lucifer.---^ ?