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Leigh Brackett's Eric John Stark Series

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  • Leigh Brackett's Eric John Stark Series


    I understand that you are a great admirer of Leigh Bracket's work generally, and perhaps of the Stark character in particular. I have read your intro to the Mars book to get a sense of your interest in her work and also noted some of your comments in the Q&A forum. Now you would think that there would be a more easily accessed resource than yourself to answer my next question (and I have looked for one to no avail -not even seemingly extensive bibliographies nor the Wikipedia answer the question), but here it is anyway:

    What stories or books comprise the whole Eric John Stark series?

    What I have so far is that there is a series containing:

    The Ginger Star
    The Hounds of Skaith
    The Reavers of Skaith

    And then there may be an anthology collection entitled:

    Eric John Stark: Outlaw of Mars

    I also gather that the following stories are included in the series:

    "People of the Talisman" (1964) - Expansion of "Black Amazon of Mars"
    "The Secret of Sinharat" (1964)

    And finally, there may be an unpublished book entitled:

    Stark and the Star Kings

    Can you please make some sense of this for me, Michael? Even better would be a link to the place I should have been able to find for myself (but somehow did not)? I'd like to know what books to look for and what order to best read them in. I realize this may be a tedious question, so I have tried to make it as easy as possible to answer with the stuff listed above.

    FWIW, I have already snagged decent copies of the Steranko cover illustrated editions of the first three books I listed above. Pretty cool.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Bumping the thread up with a picture I mocked up. I was going for just the right amount of "70s damage" with the lettering...apologies to all.


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      Stark and the Star Kings isn't out yet. It was originally done for Harlan Ellison's still unpublished Last Dangerous Visions but will now be done by the publisher (Haffner) who have done the first volume of the collected short stories (Martian Quest) and plan to do the second volume soon.
      I think all the Stark magazine stories will be published in that volume.
      The Ginger Star set were written much later and the scene was shifted from Mars to -- the Ginger Star. I didn't find they had the old Stark magic, but they have other virtues. The Stark stories in Planet tended towards repetition. The Outlaw of Mars book contains two Stark novellas. There's no full collection as far as I know!

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        Many thanks for the reply Michael!


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          I like the artwork on that link, very reminiscent of the covers of 70's/80's Cheap Sci-fi novels I always seem to find in 2nd Hand bookshops. Is it your own art?


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            No, I am not Jim Steranko.

            But I like Steranko a lot too - he is a fairly popular comic book and commercial artist. He also did storyboards and character designs for the Indiana Jones movies and Coppola's Dracula.