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Is the Image Hive dead for good?

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  • KrazyAssKatzen
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • Oct 2021
    • 2

    Is the Image Hive dead for good?

    I'm trying to find some images that were posted to the Image Hive long ago, and I realize that links to the old forum system are dead, but many can be found on here with some diligence. However, i can't seem to find any currently existing version of the IH on this new forum system. Does that mean the IH is gone for good or am I just not finding it (yet)?
  • Rothgo
    Champion of the Unbalanced
    • Aug 2006
    • 6656

    Mr Fox had made enquires regarding what it would take to get the IM up and running again but no news on what if anything came back from that. It has been in our thoughts though!