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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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How To Search Moorcock's Miscellany

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  • How To Search Moorcock's Miscellany


    Have you been using this site's search features to the fullest? Would you like to know all the different methods for searching the site? Then read on. It would be helpful to have Google opened in another browser tab/window.


    You can search right from Google. You have to focus on our site in the search field, and here's how.

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    There are alternatives to Google, and I recommend investigating them.

    Search v.s. Tag

    VBulletin (the software running this site) allows you to search the site two ways. The first way is with it's database search, and the second way is by tags. Both systems have interesting features, and we'll examine them here and compare them to our Google search.


    First let's look at searching the site in the most common way.

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    A Tag Cloud is a collection of theoretically relevant terms. Users add tags to posts and threads effectively telling everyone who is searching for meaningful results that they can be found there. In fact when you read a post, you are welcome to add as many tags as you like. By the way, instead of saying tag cloud, we say tag swarm here.

    To get to tag search, use the Search pulldown and click tag search.

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    Additional information

    In case you were wondering, I thought I would point out a couple of conveniences that I've put in place for you.

    Google Search - Google search with populated into search field (entire site)
    Forum Search - vBulletin's Advanced Search (forum search only)
    Forum Tag Swarm - vBulletin's Tag Search (forum search only, tags only)
    Image Search - Gallery 2's Advanced Search (images search only)
    Image Tag Swarm - Gallery 2's Advanced Search (images search only, tags only)
    Wiki Search - MediaWiki's Search (wiki article search only)
    Random Wiki Page - MediaWiki's random wiki page (just for fun)

    Image Hive and Wikiverse

    The search functions for the Image/Media Hive and Wikiverse work essentially the same way as forum search does with a couple of exceptions. At the time this article was published the Image Hive tag search does give results when multiple tags are used (and you cannot use a comma), nor does the Google-like math. The Wikiverse has no tag swarm. This may change in the future.


    It is unfortunate that Google yields more results in a search of this site than the actual site based search does. That is out of our control. The overall lack of unification of vBulletin + Gallery 2 + MediaWiki requires three different search systems. Tag clouds appear to have some usefulness going forward, but they are only as good as the tags created. If you abhor Google, then we have options for you. if you don't have a problem with Google, then you can see it is a strong option for your searches of Moorcock's Miscellany.
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