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Dear reader,

Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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  • Announcements and Discussions emailing lists

    Have you ever stopped by Moorcock's Miscellany and gotten an error message or noticed that the site was totally down? Ever wonder if anyone knew or cared about the outage? Are you a mobile device owner less than satisfied with the forum because it doesn't look right on your handset? Ever wished you could communicate with the other members of Moorcock's Miscellany without having to log into the forum? Well have I got something for you!

    Moorcock's Miscellany Announcements

    We usually send announcements via our newsletter. Since it hasn't been working as it should, and it is likely to become a problem once again in the future, we are going to migrate one and all over to this new announcement mailing list. In the very near future, you will receive an email inviting you to join the announcements list. Follow the instructions in that email to join. If you don't want to receive announcements, then ignore that email.

    If you haven't received the email I mentioned above, or just joined the site or if you don't want to become a member of the forum but still want announcements, join Moorcock's Miscellany Announcement Mailing List.

    Note: Mail volume is expected to be low. 1 to 2 emails per month on average, with lulls of no email and possible spikes up to 3 or 4 emails.

    Moorcock's Miscellany Discussions

    The main purpose of the forums is to capture information about Michael Moorcock and participate in fairly relevant topics, and to hob nob with other members. These days a lot of people are using cell phones to surf the web as well as send and receive email. The web surfing isn't up to snuff and may never be, so we thought we would provide those who want to participate off forum via email as an alternative. When you email the list, everyone on the list gets the mail. Keep in mind that if privacy is important to you, then you shouldn't use your real name. Every email sent via this list becomes public!

    If you want to send and receive emails with other members at the site on mostly Moorcock subjects (though you might expect some off-topic chatter), then join Moorcock's Miscellany Discussion List.

    Note: At the beginning of May 2010 there were no subscriptions. We expect this discussion list to be low volume.

    So join one or both of the mailing lists above if you want to know what's going on at Moorcock's Miscellany without having to log in here at the forum.!
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