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Question re: multiple titles

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  • David Mosley
    Eternal Administrator
    • Jul 2004
    • 11823

    Question re: multiple titles

    I've been doing some re-organisation in the Hive today; mainly populating the new Omnibus and Anthologies Edited by Mike albums with content out of the existing Books by Mike and Anthologies albums.

    Along the way, in a sort of house-keeping exercise - and this all replicates what I was doing in the old Image Gallery - I've been identifying which books are known by different names; ie City of the Beast (See also Warriors of Mars). Where a book is published under two different titles but both credited to Mike (rather than a pseudonym) I've bundled them both together in one album with a note, ie Phoenix in Obsidian (aka The Silver Warriors) or The Shores of Death (aka The Twilight Man).

    For Bibliographic or collection reasons, this is both easy and seems sensible because generally there's only one publication with the alternative title. The exceptions to this have been The Wrecks of Time/The Rituals of Infinity,The Sundered Worlds/The Blood Red Game and The Sleeping Sorceress/The Vanishing Tower. They are (currently) exceptions because both titles have been used across a variety of editions and are well known in their own right.

    My question is: should we leave them like that, or should we 'bundle' them? And if the latter, which title should take precedence?

    My instinct tends towards 'bundling' them under the original title - since these are the name they most recently appeared under in The Eternal Champion, The Roads Between the Worlds and Stormbringer/Elric: Stealer of Souls EC omnibuses from Orion/White Wolf.
    _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
    _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
    _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
    _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."
  • Doc
    Eternal Champion
    • Jan 2004
    • 3630

    It seems sensible to bundle them under the titles used in the White Wolf/Orion omnibus editions. After all, Mike and John Davey tried to make sure they were definitive.

    My two cents...


    • Governor of Rowe Island
      Orgone Accumulator
      • Aug 2004
      • 5266

      I agree with Doc!

      But, then, I also think they should have their own folders and refer/link to the alternative titles.

      Sorry, David. I really can't make my mind up.
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      • PsychicWarVeteran
        Flesh Bag of Mostly Water
        • Mar 2004
        • 2554

        Originally posted by Governor of Rowe Island
        I agree with Doc!
        So do I, but...

        Originally posted by Governor of Rowe Island
        I also think they should have their own folders and refer/link to the alternative titles.
        ...I think this is a better idea because it's the more user-friendly way. By that, yes, I mean it's the dumbed-down version. But for people (like me, admittedly) who are not as vastly familiar with every single piece of Mike's work as you chaps, it would be the easiest system to navigate.

        Now, just so Guv doesn't feel like the only indecisive one, I'll toss out there the fact that people can search the IH, so maybe all the cross-linking isn't necessary at all.
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        • voilodian ghagnasdiak
          Warrior On The Edge
          • Jun 2006
          • 2591

          Yes David I agree that the books should be listed under the original title that was provided, and is preferred by Mike. The advantage to having a link providing all of the alternative titles would help out new readers, and/or people from different parts of the globe that receive material from different publishers than the readers in the UK and US. Very Good Idea.