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Technical question-Avatars

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  • Technical question-Avatars

    How can i get a diferent avatar besides the Smilies? I have the picture I want to use on disk.What do I do next? :?:

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    Click on the Profile button above the messages, then look down the bottom. There is an option to load an avatar there.


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      Originally posted by Jules
      Click on the Profile button above the messages...
      (emphasis mine)
      This part is important. Be sure to click the profile link up there just under the masthead and not the profile button inside your own message box.

      Note: be sure to keep your image under 80x80 pixels and no larger than 10KB. 8)
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      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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        Looks like I'm going to have to find another one.I keep getting a message that the picture I want is more than 10 KB.


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          E-mail me the picture, I may be able to compress it for you.


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            Okay,I emailed it to you.I'l be REALLY happy if you can help. :D


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              I don't appear to have received....
              e-mail has been playing up recently

              Try my other address <removed>


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                Okay,I tried that one.I wasn't sure if the other one was /uk,.uk,or what.My compy doesn't want to send messages when it follows the link to OE.


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                  You should have received a reply now. If not give me a shout and I'll put it up on this thread.


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                    Lydia, do delete your Email address on the message after the exchange has worked. There are too many address-grabbers who'll bombard you with spam mail. Even the address I am using in my profile that I use exclusively for this forum already gets heaps.
                    Best, L'E
                    Google ergo sum


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                      :? I got the email.and saved the pics in disk.I'm trying to put it in my profile,but it keeps saying that it has to be a Jpeg.It already IS a Jpeg!! (Threatens compy with hammer)


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                        My UKF e-mail address already suffers from terrible spam :( but I don't particularly want any more so I'll remove it, good thinking.


                        Try "Upload Avatar from URL" copy this in:


                        or silverdragon2 or 3 whatever you decided...

                        Hope it works!


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                          :D :) :lol: YAY!! It works!! Thank you Lydia!! (Gives a big hug)