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Glad Multiverse is back up

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  • Glad Multiverse is back up

    Gald to see Multiverse back up. Good job Berry. :D

    Did you have to grab an archived version of the site? (I think I had more posts before). If so good thinking - of course you already know that. :roll:

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work and effort.

    When they had advanced together to meet on common
    ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
    and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
    each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
    mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
    killing, and the ground ran with blood.

    Homer, The Illiad

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    I was getting worried there for a little while. Glad to see everything is back up and running.


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        Welcome back, everyone! Thanks, Berry.


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          What was the actual problem?


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            I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms! Glad to see the site back up. :D


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              We have lost an unknown number of threads and probably users. I believe the problem with DNS caused it to be pointing to two databases at the same time while some domain information proliferated.

              We had two errors occur at the same time. First, our DNS host's secondary DNS server died. That caused a mail from our ISP telling me to change a setting to never arrive. Secondly, our ISP changed the IP address of the web server. It took me 7 days to diagnose these problems and 1/2 an hour to fix.

              I fixed the DNS problem by centralising our DNS hosting with Network Solutions. If our web hosting goes down in the future we'll quickly be back up. I can't estimate how lengthy an outage we could get in a worst case, whatever that worst case may be. That's just the way it is. The cost of having good service is extreme. Since this project costs $10 a month in hosting and nothing to manage (thanks to our fine volunteers) and since we don't have creditors or a way to do a shopping cart, we all must brace ourselves for the worst possible outcome. And the worst is an old database and some broken graphics after an annoying abscence. It might be slightly more expensive.

              We got lucky. Maybe we can get a mirror going. Can anyone help with that? Maybe would want that sort of package. Just dreaming over here.
              The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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                Phew! Had us all pretty worried. Conspiracy theories were abundant. The CIA ...! etc
                Anyway, great you reopened the CLUB HOUSE.

                Google ergo sum


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                  Phew! My already tenuous connection with the multiverse has been restored! Thanks, Berry!
                  I'm a little feverish, I fear, having picked up one of those damned plane
                  infections. Flu symptoms (if not flu -- not sure yet) for the first time in years.
                  Manchester was great. We discussed the Peake books and the print Miscellany. All going well.
                  Salutations to all!


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                    GLad the site is back up and glad you are having a great trip MM! Keep dropping us post cards.


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                      Ahhhhhhhhh... was starting to wither there. Feeling much better now. Thank you, Berry.
                      "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                        Damn Spiders!!!!!!
                        Welcome back!!!!!

                        the camel spider (it's not even a spider)



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                          Wow. I was thinking it was on my end, and was pretty bummed out. Good to have this back.

                          DTB, so if I understand (not all the links worked for me), a spider is an arachnid, but an arachnid isn't necessarily a spider. Learn something new every day.


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                            I was having withdrawel symptoms as well. Im glad to see the board back up(Yey Barry). Sorry to see some of the threads and posts are gone but sometimes you just cant help it. I do need some of the info on the broken mirror of Imrryr reposted if possible. I would like to see that item redone and possibly available somehow :lol:

                            And Im sorry to hear you are not feeling well mjm PLease feel better soon!!

                            I also . . . *sees the camel spider* . . . 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O X_X............................
                            Ultra Magnus to Sandstorm. \"I\'ve never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy. . . Alright, give me the bomb.\"


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                              Fortunately for our troops, "'Camel spider' is a common name for solpugids, large non-spider arachnids found in desert regions. Solpugids have no venom, not even an anaesthetic, and are strictly predatory on smaller creatures."

                              That snopes link DTB put up (and the links from that page) will set your mind at ease about these critters.

                              Still wouldn't want one in my sleeping bag, though.
                              "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                              --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars