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Spoofed e-mails 'from' Prototype Xers

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  • Spoofed e-mails 'from' Prototype Xers

    Just posted this over at the Prototype X Forum, I'm posting here too, just in case...

    Originally posted by PXadmin
    Be on guard PXers!

    I just received an e-mail virus spoofed from the Sheditor's address, I could tell it wasn't from him because the name displayed was different to normal and by the writing style, I did not click it.

    If you have Mr Shedster in your address book under the first word of his e-mail address, and me under 'Lydia' your system may be infected with the W32/Areses.Q worm; which is bad news for Windows users.

    This webpage will confirm your suspicions if you get an e-mail, it might even come 'from' my address or another PXer, if you get anything suspicious, take a look:

    I recommend updating and running your anti-virus software if you think your machine could be infected.



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    Thank you for posting this Lydia.

    Little history lesson about viruses that may prove helpful for people. In the early days of the Internet and email, viruses would try to propagate themselves through an infected PC's email software. This allowed it to email itself to anyone in the Address Book, but had the disadvantage (from the viruses pov) of often tagging each infected email with the infected sender's address. That made it easy (easier?) to work out which PC was infected and thus neutralise the virus.

    Modern successful viruses, by contrast, often carry their own SMTP software (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - email to you and me) and in order to cover their tracks will as per Lydia's warning above 'spoof' the address of the 'sender'. This makes it much harder to discover the source of the infection. What we can deduce in this case is that the infected PC almost certainly has both Sheditor (Perdix)'s and Etive's email addresses in their Address Book. If that applies to anyone here they should make sure their AV software is up-to-date and run a system scan to be on the safe side.

    If you don't have AV software, you can run online scans from the following sites:

    Panda Activescan (requires IE)
    Kaspersky Online Scanner
    Symantec Security Check
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      Thank you Etive.

      Although we hate them so, these devious viruses are to Microsoft as V was to Adam Sutler. We hope against hope that we get something better out of these magnificant attacks.
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        An anti-virus program that fully installs on your system is avast anti virus.

        And better still , it's free.


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          For we few Mac users, I recommend ClamXav, and though to date we still have relatively few issues in this regard, one can never be too careful... no one wants to catch something even the can't kill
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