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Changes to Thread Read Marking times

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  • David Mosley
    Eternal Administrator
    • Jul 2004
    • 11823

    Changes to Thread Read Marking times

    I've implemented a small change in the forums to do with when Threads are marked as Read.

    Previously, the site has used an Inactivity/Cookie Timeout method - that is, if you were logged into the forums but were inactive for a period (ie writing a REALLY long post) then when you became active again you might have noticed that you had no New Posts highlighted.

    The new method is called Automatic Forum Marking; basically to mark a thread as Read you have to view the LAST New post in the thread. This is why you might see that some forums/threads you had previously read are now showing up as Unread. To clear a thread you can click on the 'Last Post' link to be taken to the most recent post, or to clear an entire forum you should use the Forum Tools option 'Mark This Forum Read'.

    The new method means that even if you log-out from the site any unread posts/threads/forums will remain Unread when you log back in. However, it is more processor-intensive than the old way, so Berry will have to monitor our server performance to see whether there are any unwanted side-affects to the implementation. (We can always change back to the old method if there are.)

    As always, this is the place to post any questions or comments about the change.
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  • Reinart der Fuchs
    Mr. The Fox
    • May 2006
    • 4708

    I'll keep my eye on the performance, but I suspect the hit will be unnoticable. Thanks for this improvement.
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    • lemec
      Eternal Champion
      • Jul 2005
      • 5317

      ya, that's a pretty good deal. I noticed that before, that they would fade away if I was spending a long time reading or writing something.

      very cool!



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