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  • Private Messaging

    Any chance of enabling this and allowing users to "opt out"?


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    The Private Messaging system is disabled.
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      Right, I kinda figured out that part. I was just wondering if there were plans to enable it. I'm guessing no , because:

      1. Privacy, and People don't want to be bothered.
      2. Just another feature to "moderate".

      That said, I've found the feature quite useful on other forums I belong to. Especially when I want others to be able to contact me, but I don't want to reveal my email address. Keeps clutter off of the forum too, sometimes.




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        Hi Tony, the administrators/mods have discussed whether to enable PM-ing or not, and after some discussion it was felt that the "opt-in" email messaging system would be enabled instead.

        There were a number of reasons why it was felt that PM wasn't entirely desirable, some of which had to do with possible future developments that the site might undergo, as well as issues of privacy and moderating the service as you mention.

        There are other options that you can use if you want people to contact you but don't feel comfortable making your email address available, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype. You'll find these options in the "Edit Profile" section of your User CP.
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          I forgot about those David! Those tools/services are superior to the PM system here at the site anyway.
          Infinite complexity according to simple rules.